What Kind of Wicker Deck Furniture Would You Choose?

The allure of wicker outdoor furniture cannot be overstated. Combined with the garden’s wrought iron furnishings, they give it a romantic, sophisticated, and timelessly elegant feel.

The Characteristics of Wicker Garden Furniture

The main advantages of wicker garden furniture are its natural beauty, its solidity, its rotproofness and its resistance to water: in fact, wicker does not deform, even in the most humid atmospheres.

The Wicker Deck Furniture can be made up of different pieces: chair, table, sofa, pouf, etc. It is the space you have that will specify the number of pieces of furniture that will make up your living room. This material being very light, you will be able to move the furniture at will and effortlessly to renew the atmosphere.

Good to know: Wicker and rattan are often confused because furniture made from these two materials is very similar. If these are indeed two natural materials, they have notable differences. Wicker is the natural offshoot of a willow shoot. There is a very wide variety with specific properties: green wicker, raw wicker, white wicker, buff wicker. If it is wide and flexible, it will be ideal for heavy basketry. If it is thin it will be used for medium basketry, etc. Thus, these flexible branches with specific qualities make it possible to manufacture all kinds of furniture: from the smallest objects to masterful pieces.

Wicker Garden Furniture: Quality and Style

Flagship material of basketry, wicker is now widely used for the creation of outdoor furniture. Its intrinsic qualities allow it to stay outside without fear of bad weather, provided that the maintenance conditions are respected. It is therefore quite natural that armchairs, deck chairs, tables, etc., come to embellish terraces, balconies and gardens.

In terms of design, wicker garden furniture meets almost all tastes. Rustic, contemporary or even resolutely design pieces are now part of the collections available on the market. The cushions, a guarantee of comfort and well-being, bring a decorative touch that can be personalized with colored or patterned covers.

How to Maintain Wicker Garden Furniture?

For wicker garden furniture to retain all its charm over time, it is necessary to protect it from the weather. To do this, it suffices to apply a colorless wax once a year. Its routine maintenance is very simple: a simple sponge soaked in warm lemon water is enough to clean it thoroughly.

Important: Note that in winter, it is imperative to winterize the wicker garden furniture to prevent it from freezing and deteriorating. Plan ahead and anticipate storage space.

How Much Does A Wicker Patio Set Cost?

Depending on the wicker garden furniture chosen, the price can vary from simple to triple. This will be determined by the quality of the wicker, the design of the furniture, the cushions, and the brand.

Why Opt For Wicker Furniture?

Wicker is a material that comes from the branches of different types of willows. After being cut, said branches are then immersed in a bath (this in order to make them more resistant and flexible) and shaped. Wicker has the major advantage of bringing a sophisticated and refined touch to a piece of furniture intended for the living room, a bedroom, or to create an atmosphere of rattan garden furniture.