Different Types Of Residential Garage Doors 

While the main front door of the house is the highlight, you also need an excellent garage door that adds up to the external decor of your house. Your home garage door can pull the look of your house together or make it fall apart. 

You must choose the right garage door that meets your requirement and compliments your house’s appearance. Due to the extensive size of your garage door, people might even notice it before everything else; having a pleasing and elegant residential garage door is necessary.

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Different Types Of Residential Garage Doors 

  • Sectional garage doors

As the name suggests, sectional garage doors are made by adding together several panels and connecting those panels with hinges. This door functions with the wheels attached to both sides, so when the door opens or closes, these wheels follow a vertical pathway.

The hinges on these doors help the curving movement so that the door can slide open and stick to the garage’s roof. The advantage of this door is that it is super accessible and space-saving. It also has a pair of high tension strings that help hold it by creating the appropriate amount of tension so that it does not slip down when opened mid-way. 

  • Roll-up garage doors

Roll-up garage doors are perfect for a garage with low ceiling space. These designs are made by combing 2-3 inch steel slat sections that roll up and down around a cylindrical rod when opening or closing the garage door. 

This design is super rugged and long-lasting. It can withstand heavy utilization and prevent rust, corrosion, and freezing. It is adjustable for adverse weather conditions like floods, storms, snowfall, etc. 

  • Slide-hinged garage doors

This design is a typical old-fashioned garage door that slides open from inside to outside. These garage doors are made of wood mostly but are also available in steel for commercial purposes. 

Slig hinged garage doors have recently been more in demand due to the construction of obstruction in a garage or limited headroom. These doors are super easy to do garage door opener installation tucson az as they can be fitted into prehung steel frames or ready-made openings.