What Color Should I Paint My Baby’s Nursery?

Your brain was flooded with decisions when you learned you were soon to have a baby. How will you name your baby? What will you name your baby? What type of diapers will you use? Daycare or at home with a parent?

The nursery is the final thing to consider. This is obviously the most fun part of baby preparation choosing how to decorate or remodel however, there are many things to consider when choosing nursery colors. Color psychology shows us that colors can affect mood and behavior as well as health. It’s important to consider the psychological effects of color when your baby spends many hours in the nursery in their formative years.


There are good and bad news. Some studies have shown that red can increase athletic ability. It can also be energizing. It can also increase aggression and cause headaches. While it’s best to avoid using red everywhere, some accents in a nursery can work well.


Orange is warm, comforting, and can make people feel at ease. Orange is also social and friendly, which can encourage communication. It can cause excessive stimulation and even hunger. Orange, like red, is best used in small doses in a nursery.


Yellow is happy and cheerful. Bright yellows can be stimulating to babies, as they are bright and energetic. A more neutral color, such as a soft yellow, can encourage concentration and be a good balancing color. Yellow, like orange and red, is a great nursery color when used in moderation.


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Soothing. Calming. Health. Green promotes calm and relaxation, which can help you focus and think more clearly. It can be found all over nature and is a great choice for decorating any room, even nurseries. It’s great to use in a nursery as your main color or to soften the more energetic colors such as yellow.


In general, blue is calming. Blue has been shown to reduce blood pressure and heart beat, as well as decreasing aggression and anxiety. Blue is good for sleep and calms tantrums.

You should be cautious about the color you choose. Blues with gray can feel drab, while bright royal blues can seem overwhelming.


Depending on the shade, purple can bring out reds and blues. It can bring out the same emotions as red or blue, depending on its shade. Purple is a good choice for rich fabrics. Pastel purples can be calming.


Adults associate pink with femininity. Pink can also be soothing and calming, and it can evoke empathy. It is important to not overdo it as it can be irritating.


Gray encourages thought, reflection, emotion and emotion. However, it can also remind us of sadness and loneliness. For a nursery for babies, use a warm tone with brighter colors.

Your feelings about the nursery for your baby should be respected. When you think about your baby, what colors make you happy, calm, and connected? Your instincts may be right.

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