Are you stressed out by the thought of tidying up your apartment?

It can seem impossible to accomplish if you are prone to being messy. It can be a rewarding and easy task if you have a systematic approach and are able to clearly understand what you’re doing.

Are you ready for organizational bliss? These 5 tips from the pros will help you declutter your apartment within two weeks.


Before you begin organizing any room, ask yourself one key question. Do I have clutter in my apartment or is it just out of place? You need to know what clutter means. Your mess is actually a messy assemblage of random items you need to keep, or trash?

Take a photo of your messy space and then analyze it to begin the process of decluttering. Are those old magazines you can organize on a bookshelf or a pile? Are those old coupons, important papers or a pile of expired coupons? Is that a notebook you have on your coffee table?

After you have analyzed all your stuff, take a look at each room and go pile by pile. You will be able to determine what you can organize, what can go, and what you can donate. You can reuse and recycle as much as you want, but don’t let them pile up because they don’t know what to do.


You must learn how to get rid of clutter. If you don’t know what to do with your “things”, they can quickly take over your space and your life.

You don’t wear the clothes you used to wear. The birthday cards that your friends sent you last year. You have a bunch of random papers on your coffee table. Are you really going to use those papers? Most likely, the answer is no.

Do not let yourself get attached to meaningless items. Your aunt won’t likely stop by to check on you after Christmas to ensure you keep the card she sent you last year.

Don’t throw away sentimental items. Take a couple of trash bags and start working on one pile at the time. Make a trash bag and a “keep” bag. Later, you can organize your “keep” bag.


You shouldn’t buy storage containers until you are sure how much stuff you need. You don’t need storage boxes to organize items you won’t be using.

You will know how many storage containers you should buy if you have a clear idea of what you want to organize. You’ll end up with more storage bins, which will lead to even more clutter.

Find the organization system that best suits your apartment. Are you a hoarder of papers? You might be able to use magazine file boxes that can stand on top of a bookcase as a solution.

Are you looking to get rid off bulky items, or excessive shoes? A storage box for under-beds might be what you are looking for. Before you go looking for a storage box, think about the things you need to organize and where it can be placed.


It is natural to want to clean all your apartment in one day. You’re setting yourself up to fail if there are many things you need to organize.

Focus on one room at a given time and make a plan. You’ll see real results if you take one room at a given time.

Prioritize which room should be organized first. As it is the most straightforward room to organize, we recommend that you start with the dining area.

After you are done with the dining room, take a step back and look at the results. You should be inspired to move on to the next room. After the dining room is completed, you can move on to the kitchen.

Get rid of all the food containers that are no longer in use. Get rid of the bags full of half-eaten snacks. It can be easier to tackle one room at a given time than it is to clean the entire apartment. This allows you to take pride in the work that you have done so far.


It is easiest to keep your apartment clean by creating a cleaning schedule. You can avoid having to declutter your apartment again by regularly putting things away and throwing them out. You’ll have a happier life if everything is in its right place.

You can make it a habit by setting aside 30 minutes each Saturday or Sunday to dust your cabinets and throw away junk mail.

Put away all laundry, and throw out any unutilized items in the refrigerator. You should be looking for items that aren’t in their proper places. It’s important to decide right away if you are going to dispose of them, or organize them in a manner that makes sense. You’ll soon find that tidying up your apartment on weekends is a routine and not a chore.

Everybody has to deal with clutter at one time or another. However, no one wants to spend their entire weekend dealing with it. Do your best to de-clutter on a weekly basis.

Do not be afraid to get rid of things. You should have a place for everything, and organize everything in that place. You should set aside time each week to organize your apartment so it becomes part of your daily routine.

Do not let clutter in your home stress you out. Take over your apartment or your entire life. These tips will help you live a clutter-free life.

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