Is It Time To Remove A Tree From My Property?

Trees can be a great asset to your commercial or residential properties. However, it may need to be removed at some point. You may be a homeowner and the tree has been there for many years. Maybe it was planted when you moved in, or you have seen it grow over time. It may be difficult to let go of a tree. If you feel that a tree is a danger to your property or others, it’s best to have an assessment done by a certified arborist. This will determine if the tree poses any hazards to people and property. Tree removal is not an easy decision. It’s often a last resort option after other options like disease mitigation or pruning and trimming are exhausted.

Signs and Symptoms that it is time to remove a tree

Untrained eyes may not see the danger in a tree that appears healthy. However, it could be a time bomb that can cause serious damage. Dead trees can cause serious damage and even personal injury, costing thousands of dollars to repair. Remember that you, the homeowner, are responsible for any personal injury or damage caused by the tree being damaged or killed. It may be time for you to say goodbye to the tree on your property. A certified arborist can inspect the tree and determine if it is possible to save or remove it.

Check the Branches. Observe the branches either within the crown, canopy or trunk of the tree. It’s a sign that the tree’s health has declined.

Take a look at the Location. Where is the tree on your property? Is the tree located near your business or home? Is it touching your home? If the branches touch or grow into power lines, you should pay extra attention. This is a serious hazard and must be addressed immediately. Before hurricane season, tree branches and limbs that grow close to powerlines are particularly dangerous. Pay attention to the root system when determining the location. Roots can cause damage to a home’s foundation and gas/utility lines. It can also be dangerous to plumbing/sewer. Replacing the sewer drainage field can cost up to $40,000.

Assess the Tree’s Growth. Do you see your tree as full and vibrant compared to other trees? It could indicate that the tree is in trouble if it has discolored leaves or thin leaf cover.

Look at the Bark and Leaves – Take a look at the bark. Are there cracks, discoloration or are they misshapen? Is the bark’s wood soft and crumbly? Are there mushrooms or fungi growing near the base of the tree’s trunk? Are the leaves becoming discolored? Are roots running along the ground’s surface? These signs are not always a sign that your tree is in trouble, but they could.

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