Is It Okay To Cut Food Items Right On Your Granite Kitchen Countertop?

If you are the owner of beautiful granite kitchen countertops, you must have a few questions about them. It may also be that you are considering installing new granite countertops in your kitchen and want to know more about what you are signing up for. If you choose granite, you are making quite a strong choice. However, know that granite is not invincible. 

Granite is undoubtedly strong. In fact, granite is so strong that many people think it is okay to cut food items, such as fruits and vegetables, right on top of them. It is understandable why you might be tempted to do this, but you should know how to maintain the integrity of your countertops. Look at comptoir de cuisine Casa Granite options for choosing the best one. 

Can you cut fruits and vegetables on your granite countertop?

Granite is often called the sturdiest stone, and kitchen countertops are usually made with strong material because they have to bear a lot of wear and tear. This might make you think it is okay to cut your fruits and vegetables directly on the countertop instead of using a chopping board. But you might be wrong. 

Generally, using a knife directly on the cutting board might not harm the first time or the second. But it is a bad idea to do so. Moreover, the food you chop or cut over your countertop may stain it, which can be a pain to clean up. Additionally, granite is so tough that it can ruin the sharpness of your knife and make it dull sooner than it normally would. 

Why it is better to use a chopping board 

Granite is susceptible to damage, even though it is a hard material. Acidic food items can interfere with their quality and colors. However, that does not mean you need to reconsider your kitchen modeling. When working with raw meat, fruits, or vegetables, it is recommended to use a chopping board. It does not hurt your countertop and does not interfere with your family’s health.

The bacteria from the meat won’t be able to seep through the small gaps in the stone’s surface and won’t affect your family’s health. You can use cleaners and chemicals to clean the surface after every time you work with raw meat, but they will soon damage the countertop seal. 

The good news is that you can place hot utensils on your granite countertop without worrying about it being damaged. Granite is a great heat absorber. Therefore, it is a great choice for a kitchen countertop, but it still needs care.