How are mattresses recycled?

In the modern day, human beings have evolved greatly. So much so that the earth faces the results it might have never imagined. Human beings often come across the phrase, and the earth is burning. Has it caught fire? No! It is more hyperbole that is used to define the tough days/future that, if not rectified, our current lifestyle will have to face. The emission of greenhouse gases is one of the human race’s major problems in this era. Slowly depleting the life of earth, these are the problems that need to get addressed; if not so, be ready for the consequences. It is where recycling comes into play. 

Recycling saves a great deal of energy, the extraction of which might have released plenty of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere that would have caused a great deal of trouble to this planet. Suppose you want to know more about recycling mattresses and other related topics. In that case, you can refer to Recyc-Matelas Canada.

The Process of Recycling Mattresses

While the mattresses are recycled, they are pushed into the conveyor belt. The conveyor belts have specially designed saws that cut away the soft materials from above and below the mattress, leaving the polyurethane foam and cotton fiber to form the framework. Followed by a magnet that removes the metals like springs. Later the remaining fiber is shredded and baled. The whole process consumes only three to five minutes and needs a worker. 

Most materials in the mattress can be reused. Many companies are finding ways to reuse old bedding materials, and not all but a few portions of the discarded materials of a mattress can be reused. An old mattress can be upcycled, and new pillows and a small bed for your pet could be made out of it. Here are some ways by which mattresses can be reused depending on their material type:

  • Foams: the foams in the mattresses can be used to make pillows and resting pads, and the shredded materials can be used as insulators. 
  • Fibers: the kinds of cotton in the mattress or other fibers can be used to make new door mats or towels.
  • Coils & Springs: the springs and coils are made of metal and can be melted and used for other purposes. 


In this modern era of science, you must not be ignorant that reusing old materials can benefit the economy and the environment. It is high time to act on the pros of recycling and develop industries related to facilitating the function. And if you want to know more about the importance of recycling mattresses, head toward the mattress recycling agencies.