Five Tips to Ensure a Successful Basement Renovation

A large basement with a modern interior design in bright lighting

The basement is an area of your house that can reveal a lot of issues such as foundation cracks, improper wall support, code-breaking utility installations, and others. However, renovating the basement is not a minor task. You need to decide more than just the flow and style. A basement renovation is also about the furnace, foundation, flooring, and the function of other parts of your house. Because of these complexities, you must rely on a YHIT General Contractor to get the job done for you. A great contractor can flip your basement without compromising your home’s safety while ensuring you stick with your budget. If you are planning to renovate your basement, here are tips you must consider:

Find Signs of Moisture

The last thing you want is to invest money and time into a basement renovation during the coldest months of the year only to have the space flooding when the ice thaws in spring. This is the reason you need to thoroughly inspect the basement for cracks and any sign of moisture before a renovation can be started. 

Stop Pests from Getting into the Basement

Nobody wants unwanted guests who feast on food crumbs and poop on the walls. Unfortunately, once pests enter your basement, it can be hard to get rid of them. So, prevent them from entering by sealing all exterior points of entry. No homebuyers will ever be attracted to a home with a pest-infested basement. 

Consider the Flooring Seriously

When it comes to basement renovations, hardwood is not a famous flooring option. The basement has unstable humidity levels that cause wood products to expand and contract beyond their engineered capacity. For basements, tile, carpets, and laminate flooring are cost-effective options. The right flooring can increase your basement’s life and improve the overall appearance of the space.

Plan an Open Layout

Your basement needs to be a cozy place. Normally, you would use it for storage purposes; however, having an open layout here provides you with a lot of opportunities to use the basement for other purposes. You only need to finish the outside walls and present an open concept. Furniture can be used for defining the space’s different areas. An open layout keeps your basement simple and elegant. 

Insulate the Basement Walls

Basement wall insulation can reduce your heat cost and increase your basement’s comfort level. Your options include using spray foam, fibreglass insulation, or foam board. Also, insulation can prevent the growth of mould and mildew, which tend to be prevalent in this space.