French It Up: 5 Ways to Incorporate French Design Elements Into Your Home in Duvall

French interior design has a certain charm about it. It feels effortless, exuding warmth and elegance. It’s no wonder French interior décor is so popular in Washington. Houses in Duvall, especially, exhibit various French design elements, paying homage to French architecture and style.

If you, too, wish to create a French-inspired space, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a closer look at how you can incorporate French elements into your Duvall home.

Bid Adieu to Neutral Tones

Yes, home décor magazines frequently highlight the all-white interior design as a classic French element. However, there’s a lot more to French color palettes than monotone styles and neutral tones.

French-style palette rule number one: there are no rules. While there’s no denying the popularity of white interiors in French homes, you don’t have to stick to this. French architects and designers are constantly experimenting with colors, blending bold and neutral tones. Your color palette should depend on the other design (and furnishing) elements in your space, not the other way around.

For instance, you can use bold accents in a monotone room to add a splash of color and make the space look more uniform. This is also a great way to create unique kitchens and bathrooms. Of course, you can still opt for lighter shades and all-white interiors, but don’t be afraid to play with bolder colors, especially when you’re designing rooms with vintage pieces.

Mix Vintage & Contemporary Styles

Color palettes aren’t the things you can mix and match as per your liking. French home design also exhibits a blend of vintage and contemporary styles, making it less homogeneous than American home design.

If you truly want to add a touch of French design to your home, consider throwing in vintage and contemporary elements together. This doesn’t mean you throw in random things. Be strategic about your vintage-and-contemporary styling by pairing elements that complement each other. For example, you can place a vintage mirror in your living room along with a modern stool. Similarly, you can pair modern seating elements with vintage ones. It’s all in the details, so be sure you choose your design elements wisely.

Remember, the goal isn’t to feel like you’re living in an old French home. You need to strive for balance, keeping the furnishing minimal. French-style homes typically pay homage to historic elements, so you can always combine vintage furniture and minimal contemporary design to create a French-inspired space.

Embrace the French Lifestyle

There’s no point in creating a French-inspired house if you don’t wish to embrace the French lifestyle. No, this doesn’t mean stocking your pantry with croissants (although there’s no harm in doing that). French interior décor is all about enhancing the accessibility and functionality of the space, and this is what you need to focus on when designing your home.

That’s right; don’t let the aesthetics fool you. One reason why French homes look so effortless is that they’re designed to accommodate a comfortable lifestyle. They facilitate easy movement between rooms and include highly-functional furniture, interior doors, décor elements, and creative storage spaces. The idea is to make your daily living more relaxing and comfortable.

As mentioned earlier, don’t just add décor elements for the sake of decorating. Make sure each item you include in a room has a purpose. French décor is a balance of aesthetic and accessibility.

Create a Cozy Outdoor Space

Don’t forget about your outdoor space! French home design famously includes outdoor spaces in the form of patios, balconies, and gardens. These countryside-inspired outdoor spaces focus on comfort and leisure and are designed to enhance your housing experience.

If your house has an outdoor space, make sure you revamp it as per your comfort. Make it an intimate space, adding comfy seating elements, warm lighting, stylish interior doors, and a bit of greenery. Again, this space is for you to feel comfortable, so add whatever elements inspire you or bring you joy when you sit back and relax in your outdoor space.

Add French Doors

You can’t skip including French doors when you’re designing a French-inspired home. These are immensely popular décor elements and can be used as interior doors and exterior doors. In true French fashion, they’re versatile, functional, and aesthetically appealing, making them perfect for French homes.

You can add a French door to just about any space. It can be used as a patio door, a bedroom door, a kitchen door, and even a front door. The sleek black steel doors complement the different spaces perfectly, adding to their popularity.

Alternately, French doors can be used as patio doors, home office doors, and even bedroom doors.

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