What to Consider If The Concrete At Your Home Is Damaged

If your home is experiencing substantial damage, it may be time to consider Utah concrete repair maintenance. De-icing salts sprayed on your concrete can lead to surface damage. If you fail to address the problem, the damage will continue to worsen. Read on to learn more about concrete repair solutions. We’ve discussed concrete lifting, concrete repair maintenance in The Driveway Company, and more.

Fibrecrete is a flexible concrete repair

Fibrecrete is a versatile Utah concrete repair maintenance solution that is hot-applied and formulated with a unique mixture of polymer-modified resins, fiberglass, mineral fillers, and high-grade aggregates. The product is used in place of cementitious material that has failed to provide the structural integrity needed to withstand the stresses placed upon it. In addition to its superior strength and flexibility, fiber creation is a desirable option for commercial and residential properties.

Concrete lifting is a concrete repair maintenance process

For many people, springtime means spring yard cleanup and landscaping projects. Unfortunately, damaged concrete slabs can spoil the beauty of a perfectly landscaped yard. However, slab jacking, also known as concrete lifting, can solve this problem by filling in voids in the soil beneath the slab. If done correctly, slab jacking can restore a concrete surface that is safe and strong for many years.

One of the significant problems with settling concrete causes slabs to sink. Fortunately, concrete lifting, also known as slab jacking, involves drilling holes in the slab and injecting a specialized material. The material hardens and holds the slab in place. It also costs a fraction of the cost of pouring new concrete.

Fibrecrete is sprayed over the original surface

A hot-applied, flexible concrete repair material, Fibrecrete is made from fiberglass, polymer-modified resins, and high-quality aggregates. It’s perfect for residential driveways and commercial parking lots.

The Driveway Company concrete repair is sprayed over the entire surface of the original concrete

In The Driveway Company, repairing concrete involves applying a coating of resurfacing material to the damaged surface. The layer is used with a trowel or squeegee and fills in chips and cracks. It is then cured by spraying it over the entire surface of the original concrete. Because the material is spread over the whole surface of the original concrete, it is more durable and resistant to wear and tear.

The application process starts with the preparation of the concrete surface. Next, the existing concrete must be sprayed with a liquid bonding agent to make it tacky. After the initial coating is applied, the second step is to use the screed coat. This is usually done with a sprayer, spraying the material directly onto the damaged surface. Finally, the solution can be mixed with water and applied as a liquid.

The next step in The Driveway Company’s concrete repair is the installation of a fiberboard overlay. The patch will be made of a thin layer of concrete that matches the depth and length of the original concrete. After the patch is installed, it is consolidated using dowel bars to ensure the correct level. Again, it is essential to avoid forming honeycombs in the repaired area as it reduces the strength of the concrete.