Wood Pallets: Taking Advantage of the Reliability and Longevity of Wood

Pallets can be made from lumber or plastic. Lumber pallets have been used in many industries for a longer time than their plastic counterparts. Pre-cut lumber pallet from Spec Wood is good-quality lumber that provides the dependability people can rely on. If you are looking for lumber pallet, it is important to understand the basics of these materials, so you can confidently make a choice. You need to learn a lot about the various kinds of woods and their uses in the process. 

Why Wood Pallets are Better than Plastic Pallets

The majority of experts agree that wood is the most preferred material for pallets. Wood is affordable, easy to manufacture, and easy to repair. Traditionally, manufacturers have been using it for making pallets. Also, making pallets has fewer effects on the environment than making plastic pallets. 

Pallets made of wood have around ten years of lifespan with very minimal repairs. Also, they are biodegradable and usually used in DIY projects. Those who want to get the most out of their investment should invest in wood pallets. 

Facts About Wood Pallets

There are many things that must be learned about wood pallets.  For instance, pallets can come from different wood species. Cerin standards must be made by wood pallet manufacturers when manufacturing their products. 

It is also important to know that some wood pallets are not treated. Under recent standards, wood should be heat-treated to remove any disease or insect from the finished product. In a lot of countries, the heat processing is required to prevent the spread of fungi, insects, and wood diseases from one country to the rest. 

Moreover, wood pallets are not made from scrap or lower-grade lumber. Rather, the lumber used is the same material used for making furniture and other wood-based products. Wood for pallets is harvested from various tree species. The best wood used for making pallets can come from hardwood and softwood species. 

The Amount of Lumber Used for Making Pallets

The amount of lumber used for making pallets can vary. But often, the finished product’s size determines how much lumber is necessary. Making the deck of a pallet requires around 7-8 boards. For building a two-sided deck, 14-16 boards for every pallet will be needed. To determine the amount of lumber to be used when making pallets, it is best to consult with a dependable source that specialises in giving lumber for pallet making.