What Are Insulating Concrete Forms Or ICF Blocks?

Insulating Concrete Forms or ICF in short, is one of the frameworks that acts as a membrane in both interior & exterior for roofs, walls, and most things built by concrete. It is mainly used as a separator between two walls made with insulation stuff.As the typical definition goes, insulating concrete forms are made out of foams with plastic ties inside them. ICF is filled with concrete.

ICF blocks are available to buy online at an attractive price. At blockedicf.com, you can purchase quality ICF blocks at the best price.While this seems like a new-age technology, the history of ICF blocks is pretty old. ICF blocks were first invented after the First World War in the 1940s. But, due to their benefits, they have become trendy for a few years, and now this has become so popular that it has started to compete with wooden structures.

Making Of Insulating Concrete Forms:

It is pretty interesting how Insulating Concrete Form blocks are made.At the very initial stage, an organic compound named benzene reacts with another organic compound called ethylene to form a compound molecule named styrene. It is usually done in the presence of some catalysts.

Then styrene is heated to make polystyrene – this is what we call the polymer.Then there comes the process known as pre-expansion. And after that the process of final expansion, the final product is produced.

Classifications OfInsulated Concrete Forms:

Well, there is no difference between the thicknesses of the walls of every ICF block. However, there are many different types of ICF blocks, and this difference is mainly made by the distance between the 2 walls of the ICF blocks.

Weight & Dimensions OfICF Blocks:

The distance between the 2 walls of any ICF block varies from 4 inches to 12 inches.As they are made with concrete, the walls are pretty heavy in their weight. For example, a typical 6-inch block may weigh between 7 – 8 pounds.

Checks Done On ICF Blocks:

However, it is interesting how the blocks are examined before they are sold in the open market. Most of the blocks undergo checks like the height & the width of the blocks, and they also have to pass the test of checking the resistance to ensure that they bear sufficient stress.

ICF blocks are also cost-efficient, but the main problem with these blocks is that it’s making process causes global warming.