The Dangers Of Putting Off Leak Roof Repair In Tampa  


A leaky roof could cause serious damage to your house. Although a small leak may not seem like a big problem, it can cause major damage to a house and could lead to costly repairs. Don’t wait to call a local roofing contractor if you see signs of a leaky roof. There are four things you need to be aware of when you delay roof repair in Tampa.

Electric Damage

Moisture in walls or ceilings can cause damage to electrical outlets and wiring. There are many ways to assess the extent of electrical damage. It could cause your breaker to trip, cause injury or damage to your appliances or cause an electric fire. You need to have your Tampa roofing repaired quickly in order to prevent water from getting into your home and contacting your wiring.

Low Insulation Efficiency

Leakage from your roof can cause water to pool in your walls or attic. This could lead to insulation loss. Fiberglass insulation is the most commonly used type of insulation in homes. Fiberglass insulation can, just like other types, clump when it is exposed to water. Your home will lose energy efficiency if the insulation is exposed to water.

Mold and Mildew

Homes that have experienced water damage are more likely to develop mold. Mold can grow on any surface in your home including insulation, structural joists, and drywall. If your roof has even a slight leakage, mold can grow in warm and dark areas. While not all molds are harmful, they can damage the appearance and efficiency of your ceiling, walls, and floors.

Increased Roof Damage

A few small leaks may seem insignificant, but a lot of them can cause major headaches. The water slowly soaks into the roof’s wooden structure. This can cause soft spots that can lead to more roof leaks, ice dams, or even a collapsed roofing system. All Star Roof Repair is available to help with any roof repair in Tampa FL.

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