Ways That Steve’s Refrigeration Can Keep Your Restaurant Running

In order to operate properly, restaurants utilize a lot of different devices both in and out of the kitchen. No matter how different they may appear, they all have one joint mission- to make the experience enjoyable for customers. Your patrons expect fast service and comfort throughout their time there.

That makes it all the more important to have a fast-acting and reliable HVAC technician on your side for every unit your business uses. Steve’s Refrigeration in Pampa, TX, is unlike any other contractor because they focus only on commercial customers and have many services that are unique to the food service industry.

Restaurant Equipment

Whenever it comes to preparing meals, there are a number of employees working at once to make sure everything is allotted in a timely manner. One small snag can lead to everyone’s groove being thrown off. For example, if a busser is stuck washing dishes because the dishwasher broke, then cooks might not be able to start cooking since there may not e plates available.

Grills and ovens are often some of the more common breakdowns in a restaurant, which is indicated whenever there is a lack of heat or the food cooks unevenly. Meanwhile, beverage dispensers like soda or coffee machines could become jammed or disperse unappetizing drinks, including too much syrup or grinds.

Steve’s Refrigeration can repair both big and small appliances inside the kitchen. Even if you need help outside of their regular business hours for help for something minor, a technician will be there to assist you. Your business has to keep running, so you cannot always wait around for a scheduled appointment.

HVAC Units

Just like any other typical contractor, Steve’s Refrigeration will keep you totally comfortable throughout any season. Having a consistent temperature can keep your customers and employees feeling satisfied. Even outside of comfort levels, the temperature can affect the safety of your restaurant. If your kitchen is too hot, it could cause some of your staff to become dizzy or pass out.

They can repair and maintain just about any AC and heating unit on the market. From more common ones like central ACs and furnaces to newer devices like heat pumps, they use innovative technology and methods to keep everything running smoothly and to the satisfaction of everyone at the establishment.


Working much like an air conditioner but on a more expanded level, a chiller is often utilized in bigger commercial buildings. If you own a greater sized restaurant, chances are that you have one to help keep a good breeze amid the Texas heat. While ACs that break down might not be noticed at first, the lack of cooling from a chiller is often immediate.

Steve’s Refrigeration can work on any of the three main types of chillers that you might have at your restaurant- air-cooled, water-cooled, and evaporator chillers. Many of the main issues that a chiller faces are pressure or oil trip, along with refrigerant leaks. Their technicians can figure it out immediately and perform a needed tune-up. They can also help switch out a small AC for a chiller if you believe your building could benefit from extra cooling.

What Else Makes Steve’s Refrigeration Great?

Steve’s Refrigeration has been in business for over 40 years, meaning that they have adapted to the constant changes that HVAC units and other devices have gone through. Because of this, they never have a problem coming to the aid of any restauranteur in Pampa, TX.

However, eating establishments are just one industry that they help with. Many of their clients work in areas such as churches, farming, or hospitals. They strive to bring you happiness and always guarantee your money back if they cannot meet that goal.

Your restaurant cannot stop running just because of one device malfunction. To get help quickly, make sure that you keep Steve’s Refrigeration on speed dial. After your first appointment with them, you will see why they have a 4.9-star rating from their customers!