Stone House: What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages?

Stone is a natural material that always seduces. There are beautiful models of stone houses, whether you opt for old, rustic, or very modern-style houses. The stone can invite itself on the facades, a single section of wall, outside and inside, and gives a beautiful appearance to a house. In some loft-style apartments, we will not hesitate to introduce natural stone on the interior walls. Why chooses stone? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the stone house? Explanations.

Old Or Modern: Why Choose A Stone House?

Buying a house in its own right, all in original stone is often the option of some buyers who want to keep this structure and give a house more modernity. A renovation to their taste will radically transform the habitat, but the house will keep its original character thanks to its exposed natural stones or original beams.

The stones from stone dealers near me are often representative of the region, especially for old houses. Today, we will not hesitate to bring stones from other regions if we obtain the approval of the town planning department.

In stone, investing in quality, solidity, aesthetics, and durability.

Who says stone house does not necessarily say old house? You can renovate a house by keeping the original stone and making it a modern building, even an architect’s house. It is also possible to build a new building by choosing stones as a building material. Today, alongside natural stones, there are also synthetic stones that perfectly imitate the look of natural stones.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Stone For Your Home?

 Stone is a natural material that appeals for its very aesthetic appearance but also offers many other advantages, including:

It is perfect for both old and modern;

Stone can be used on a single section of wall or combined with other materials;

The stone is a good insulator which allows us to have a house that is always cool, even in summer and during heatwaves. The stone is also perfect for combating low temperatures in the heart of winter. This effect, called thermal inversion, is typical of stone houses.

In addition to thermal insulation, the stone is also a good sound insulator, which is not negligible if your house is in a noisy environment (for example, road traffic, school exits, etc.);

Natural stone is also a material known for its resistance to fire and insects;

Given the low demand for this material, its price is not very high compared to other materials: it, therefore, offers good value for money, and building a stone house allows you to make great savings.

The stone does not require any special maintenance because it is a durable material that perfectly resists the passage of time and retains its original color.

Natural stone, like wood and other materials (example: marble), is considered a noble material;

This material comes in many kinds and offers color ranges to dress an interior wall and an exterior with many shades of tones.

Building a stone house also means opting for an ecological material since, for this material, no chemical transformation is used. Only a minimal amount of energy will be used to extract stones. As for the waste generated, which is mainly water and mud, it is perfectly well recycled. The circuits are reduced for the delivery, which limits the costs, and one owes that to the fact that we have, in France, many stone quarries.

This natural material also has an important role in cleaning the air in the house in a very natural way.