Are Home Prices Dropping in Orlando?


If you are considering buying a home in the Orlando area, don’t wait until prices are at a low before you start your search. Once mortgage rates rise, your monthly mortgage payment will go down to a low-to-mid-20th-century level. However, if you purchase a home today, the price is expected to increase over the next year, and the mortgage rate is still low, you may as well take advantage of it. Visit for more detailed information.

As an inbound immigrant from California, you have probably noticed that Orlando’s real estate market is particularly hot. Incoming migrants are looking for less dense areas with lower costs of living and business. This lower cost environment has resulted in a low-priced real estate market. You can even invest in real estate turnkey deals in Orlando. As long as you have the right mindset, the Orlando real estate market should stay strong.

While Florida has a history of real estate booms and busts, the current mania is more likely to be short-lived. In other words, home prices in Florida have been overpriced by at least 30%. In fact, the last time Orlando saw a price drop, the housing market exploded to record levels. Then, the housing crisis struck and home values plunged by as much as 50%.

In spite of this, the housing market in Orlando is still extremely competitive. Homes sell in as little as 8 days – just eight days more than a year ago. According to the Freddie Mac House Price Index, home prices in Orlando decreased 13.5% since the peak of the real estate cycle in May 2006. But it is possible to buy a home in a hot neighborhood for 3% above list price. This may sound like a bargain – but there are no guarantees.

Despite the sluggish housing market, Orlando is a great place to buy a home. It is one of the top ten best cities in the country for first-time homebuyers and has over a hundred lakes and parks. It has a strong job market, beautiful year-round weather, and a plethora of attractions and amenities. Whether you want to live in an area that has all of the above, or you want to find a home in a desirable area, Orlando is a great place to do so.

With mortgage rates still rising, millennials are struggling to buy a home in Orlando. That’s where Soderstrom and Grimes come in. The low interest rates are an added bonus. When it comes to finding the perfect home, buyers won’t have to wait very long to make a decision. But it is important to realize that home prices are likely to keep rising. With that in mind, Orlando real estate agents are not giving up on finding the perfect home.

While Florida’s housing market has long been associated with extreme wealth, rising prices have left working-class residents uneasy. And this unsettling trend threatens to drive working-class residents out of the state. In an economy based on tourism, those residents are the backbone of the state. If home prices continue to rise in Orlando, it will be a disaster for the city. The city’s future may hinge on the economic stability of working-class residents.