Signs Your Artificial Turf Needs Replacing

Artificial grass has been gaining popularity over recent years because it enables homeowners to achieve an eco-friendly lawn, ensure a safe yard for their children and pets, and save on water bills. In addition, it is seen as a great alternative to natural grass as it allows households to showcase an evergreen lawn all year roundregardless of the weather and climate conditions.

But while it is weather-resistant and highly durable, artificial turf also incurs wear and tear like many other products. This highlights the importance of synthetic grass care and maintenance. It can enable homeowners to treat their synthetic lawn correctly and adequately – preventing premature damage to their artificial grass, ensuring its optimal performance, and improving its longevity.

Artificial grass care is imperative for new or old artificial lawns. However, when the synthetic grass lawn is nearing its twenty-year mark, it is best for homeowners to check the general condition of their turf and consider investing in new artificial grass in Melbourne. This comes as the synthetic grass lawn may have changed considerably and shown damage or imperfections.

There are various warning signs that homeowners need to look out for in determining if their turf needs replacing, including bald patches and discolouration.

Bald patches are clear indications that the artificial turf needs to be replaced. The turf can develop bald patches from extreme wear and tear from the high foot traffic it experiences. Consequently, replacing artificial grass is more appealing and cost-effective than patching it.

Another sign to look out for is the discolouration of the artificial grass. Constant exposure to extreme weather and climate conditions can lead to faster fading of the grass blades’ colours. If homeowners discover that their artificial lawn has discoloured a decade or two after its installation, it may be time for them to contemplate replacing it.

To know more information about the different telltale signs that homeowners can help homeowners determine if their artificial grass needs replacing, read the infographic from Easy Turf provided below: