The Most In-Demand Property Features Of 2022  

As the year draws to a close, many homeowners are using the festive downtime to plan new designs for their homes. It is a time when the entire industry begins to take note of developing trends, ready to stay ahead of the coming demand that will occur in the new year.

2022, however, is slightly different to many previous years since it comes at a time of significant change. In the wake of lockdowns and a cultural shift toward remote working and teleoperational businesses, home design trends have already undergone substantial experimentation. Estate agents, for example, are having to reflect upon property advertising, with buyers shifting their preferences toward new utility and aesthetics.

Drawing from the developments and purchasing trends of homeowners, we’ve collected the most in-demand property features of 2022, shared here to both inspire and ensure that your home stays among the most desirable in the neighbourhood.


Sustainability is one of the most sought-after features of property right now. Homeowners are looking to make their residence ecologically friendly in a number of ways, installing various features and designs to reduce, even negate, their carbon footprint.

This is being achieved in a number of ways, including home compost systems, rainwater harvesting, and solar panels. Whereas once such property designs would have been associated with rural living, they are becoming more commonplace even in urban areas.

Other sustainable features include the shift from aesthetic gardening to private smallholding, where homeowners are utilising their outdoor spaces and garden sheds for the purpose of growing their own food and integrating nature into the kitchen and home.

Professional Operation

With the rise of remote working, property owners are weighing up the necessity of certain living spaces. Previously, spare rooms have been sought after, however, now it is potential office spaces that are in demand. This makes sense when considering that guest rooms are used with far less frequency than an office space that would potentially be used each week.

While home offices can easily be established, some residents are ensuring that their professional needs are met by installing features such as soundproofing and standing desk features, long term assets that can greatly improve task management when working at home.

Inspiration is also an important aspect of teleworking, leading many to cultivate a home office space that also inspires their work.

Welcoming Guests

There are a number of reasons why homeowners might be more motivated to socialise at home, from saving money to a more curated comfort, as well as, of course, the elimination of health concerns. It is a motivation that is now leading residents to design their homes with social spaces in mind, extending dining areas and exchanging furniture for space.

Social assets, such as games areas and home cinemas, are being created with a greater frequency too, with residents seeking to encourage the frequency with which guests are hosted within their properties. Once again, gardens are being heralded as the ideal environment for such gatherings, giving guests a comfortable outdoor space to enjoy, which is why outdoor dining areas are also set to become more popular than ever.