Prepare Your Home for Summer – Channel Enterprises

Modern and contemporary designed patio furniture of the highest quality.

What better way to welcome summer is there than by preparing and adorning your yard with fire pits, lighting, fountains, etc.? With these amusing buildings on your lawn, sleepovers, barbecues, and other occasions are guaranteed to be enjoyable.

Urns Made of Cast Iron

We stock urns made of cast iron in a range of shapes and hues, from ancient to contemporary. Various urns range in height from 160 to 200 centimeters. Our selection includes urn planters and urns with bases. These urns are perfect for use as garden or outdoor decorations. These goods are also available in bulk quantities and at wholesale prices!

Fountains and other Water Features

We have a variety of water fountains and water features for your garden or outdoor space. We offer a variety of designs that can be put vertically or horizontally in your backyard. Styles range from animal and human sculptures to tiered fountains. We can sell in wholesale volumes and at wholesale costs!


We have an assortment of outdoor and backyard ponds. This includes our enormous garden pond and ponds made of fiberglass. We offer bulk pricing and quantities!

Garden Decor & Gifts

We carry a variety of cast iron garden ornaments, including urns, statues, wall terrariums, gazebos, and more. We sell at wholesale quantities and rates!

Decorations and Accessories

As the leading wholesale distributor of cast iron garden ornaments of the highest quality, we have gone above and beyond to obtain the greatest products from around the globe. Our assortment includes from traditional garden ornaments in traditional forms to more modern ones and everything in between.

Outdoor Furniture

We provide an assortment of garden furniture. We have aluminum patio furniture and outdoor dining sets. In addition, we offer a steel plated table! Our selection is weatherproof and available in a variety of designs. We can sell in wholesale volumes and at wholesale costs!

Apartment and Indoor Furniture

We have a variety of indoor and residential furnishings that can be used to furnish your living room and corridors. We provide a variety of styles suitable for apartment complexes. TV units, cabinets, and console tables come in many designs. They complement our mirrors, clocks, posters, and outdoor decor as well as our presents. We can sell in wholesale volumes and at wholesale costs!

Outdoor Heating and Illumination

You may offer these consumers a variety of products from Channel Enterprises, like citronella lamps to ward off insects and firepits to keep people warm in the winter. Also available are street lamps of varied sizes that can be utilized in residential gardens or in your store to illuminate outdoor display areas at night. cast iron fire pits are also available!

Are you excited for summertime companions? You can ask and hire Channel Enterprises for decorations.