Keeping Cool Amid the Hot Weather

Living in the heat may be difficult. We may get hot, lethargic, or lose interest in whatever we are doing. However, no one should suffer in vain until it ultimately cools off. You and your family can find relief in a variety of ways. The following are some of the most immediate solutions to the situation at hand.

If you’re having trouble staying cool throughout the summer and need help with one of your units, don’t hesitate to call Gresham Heating. Their 24-hour emergency services in Milwaukie, OR, are there to assist you.


If you want to use an appliance to aid you, fans are one of the most affordable solutions on the market. There is bound to be a fan out there that will work for you since they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You will find more respite if you use an oscillating fan, which spins and pushes cold air into different regions, assisting with air circulation in your house.

Cooling Units

Air conditioners, like fans, promote air circulation in our homes, but on a greater scale. By filtering out dust and other pollutants, air conditioners can also help to improve air quality. Some air conditioners even come with built-in humidifiers to help prevent dryness and static electricity.

Though window units are the most popular type of air conditioner, many people prefer a central air system since it distributes cold air throughout the house, keeping the temperature stable. However, a system like this necessitates the assistance of a reputable specialist, such as Gresham Heating. They have been installing air conditioners in Oregon since 1992.

Shut Your Blinds and Curtains

Have you ever gone outside and felt so overheated that you sought refuge behind a tree? The shade certainly keeps the heat out, so why not try it inside? Even if you have a fan or air conditioning, the sun’s rays might still beam through your windows, rendering some of your equipment ineffective.

This may be avoided by closing your blinds and drapes, which will darken the room. According to energy experts, closing curtains and blinds may lower the temperature of a room by up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. That is a significant change! Select darkening hues for your drapes or even blackout curtains for optimum effect.

Keep Hydrated

When it gets too hot outside, you may feel lethargic or have headaches and faintness. These are all early indicators of heat exhaustion and dehydration, two heat diseases that can progress to something more serious, such as heat stroke. Sweating causes fluid to be expelled from your body, causing you to become dehydrated.

Even if you aren’t thirsty, maintain drinking water or electrolyte-containing beverages, but avoid caffeinated beverages, which will dehydrate you even more. You may also take cold baths and showers to hydrate your skill while also getting rid of that sticky and sweaty feeling.

Why Is It Important to Keep Cool?

As previously said, heat illnesses can occur if you become overheated. While you may believe you can handle it, you may have elderly or tiny children who are unable to. They are more susceptible to these ailments. Finding a strategy to remain cool might also help you stay active.

Most techniques to keep your home cool can be done on your own, but if you want optimum cooling from an air conditioner, you may engage specialists to assist you. This is where Gresham Heating can help. Their customers in Gresham, Happy Valley, and Milwaukie, OR, have put their faith in them when they desire a pleasant and secure house.

Don’t allow the heat to get to you. Whatever method you use to reduce the temperature in your house, you will notice a significant change in not just the temperature but also in your mood.