Why Are People Buying Electric Cars?

When people pick out their new vehicle, they usually want the best on the market. The best make, colors, and mileage are all part of the criteria whenever they go to the car dealership. For the longest time, people figured that they only ever had gas-powered cars to choose from. However, electric cars have been around for a long time.

Though only really starting to trend in the 21st century, electric cars offer their users a slew of benefits. Now with over 10 million on the road in the United States alone, it is important that resources are available to keep them running. Orange Electric has helped with this by installing electric vehicle chargers in West Jordan, UT, to make businesses more adaptive to the times.

Electric Vehicles & Their Rise in Popularity

It may surprise you, but electric vehicles (EVs) were first introduced at the end of the 19th century. However, because they were quite pricey back in the day, they were used for freight equipment and for public transportation. Starting around the 1990s, they made a resurgence in the US, thanks to people looking for more efficient ways to power cars.

Since then, the trend has continued to soar, as more and more automobile makers are offering electric cars as an option. Though Tesla might be one of the most well-known makers, companies like Nissan, Chevrolet, and Dodge have also had a hand in its popularity.

Benefits of Electric Vehicles

Along with people’s interest in choosing new energy sources for vehicles, the electric car offers its users benefits that are both economically and budget-friendly.

Faster Speeds

One thing that many people look for when they want a new car is one with lots of speed. EVs can have substantially higher torque than traditional automobiles since they rely on motors and battery packs rather than gasoline engines and petrol tanks. This significantly increases their speed, allowing them to attain higher peak speeds and accelerate more swiftly from a halt. EVs are frequently lighter than traditional automobiles due to their simpler design, construction, and speed.

Because of their lighter weight, they are more responsive and nimble while changing lanes or traversing curves, making them perfect for drivers who like quick and responsive handling.

Better Energy Sources

If you are looking to be greener, EVs might be a better choice. Electric vehicles emit far fewer pollutants than gasoline-powered vehicles, making them an increasingly attractive alternative for individuals trying to decrease their carbon impact. Furthermore, electric cars use energy from renewable sources such as solar or wind power, making them a more sustainable source of energy than fossil fuels.

Furthermore, because there is no need for energy-intensive procedures like oil extraction or refining, electric vehicles are more fuel efficient than gas-powered vehicles. This alternative is becoming more popular as more individuals become environmentally concerned.


One grievance that many have with their average car is the rising cost of gas. It seems like every time you go to the pump, the prices skyrocket again. With electric vehicles, that is no longer a worry. Not only do these cars get charged at a station, but they are quicker to “refuel” than traditional vehicles. Some charging stations cost very little or charge by the hour.

Because of their increased popularity, more businesses and commercial buildings offer electric charging stations at their location. Businesses in West Jordan, Lehi, and South Jordan, UT, have turned to Orange Electric to help them make this possible. Their team has installed chargers for everything from schools to shopping centers.

Is an EV Right For You?

When choosing your next vehicle, you might want to consider a variety of options. Think about what is important to you. One issue that people have with EVs is their initial cost due to their power and battery system. If you want to spend less upfront, you might opt for a gas-powered vehicle. If you are more worried about cost over time, then you might prefer an EV.

No matter what you choose, be mindful of electric cars and all the different assets that come along with them. Even if they might not be your choice now, they may become so in the future.