Can You Hook Up Your Rv To A Septic Tank?

People who own an RV and a tank are often curious if they can combine the two. An RV can be used to let visitors stay in your home while still having your own space. It is possible to hook up your RV to your septic tank owned by a septic business Cumberland, RI. But you must do it right. Before we discuss how to connect them, let’s first explain what a septic tank is.

How does a septic tank work?

Two separate compartments in septic tanks filter wastewater and separate liquid from solids. The wastewater is broken down by the bacteria living in the septic tanks. It then sinks into the soil and is filtered through the soil.

To function properly, septic tanks must have a certain balance of wastewater and bacteria. Toilet wipes, cleaning products, and coffee grounds can cause damage. Your septic tank will last longer if you don’t dump excessive amounts.

How to connect to your Septic Tank

A clean out is usually the best way to connect your RV and septic tank. This is a PVC pipe with a cap that extends from the ground. Simply remove the cap and connect the RV’s sewer hose to this clean-out. Make sure the hose is securely attached to the pipe opening. You may need to weigh it down to ensure that it doesn’t cause any damage.

This can be left connected to the system so that wastewater is absorbed into the septic tank, or you can wait to empty the tank. Some people believe that too many waste can shock the system. Septic tanks use natural bacteria to break down wastewater so it is important to maintain balances.

You might feel tempted to take off the lid of your septic tank if it doesn’t have one. This is possible, but it can be dangerous. Too much air can cause the tank to explode and can even kill the bacteria. This is why it’s important to make sure you only dump into the right side. The side that separates the solids from the wastewater, or the closest to your house, is the best to dump in. You can’t use an access port to drain RV wastewater continuously.

Keep your septic tank working well

You need to be careful when connecting your RV to the septic tank. You should not dump too many chemicals down your drains. Even septic tank cleaners can kill the natural bacteria. They will not make your system cleaner for longer periods of time.

You must not overload the system. The system will push out wastewater as it is added to the system. Sludge that is too large can build up in the leach lines, clogging the system. If you use RV plumbing often, be prepared to have your system cleaned more frequently. This will prevent future problems.

An RV can be used as a guesthouse, which offers privacy and additional space. This is a great way to increase functionality by connecting it to your septic tank. You can add living space to your tank by connecting your RV correctly and not overloading it.

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