6 Iconic Kitchen Designs that everyone should consider having

Your kitchen and the interior design of kitchen are the perfect places to show off the unique style of your home because the interior design of your kitchen serves as the backdrop to some of life’s sweetest moments, such as your morning cup of coffee or conversations with your kids over snacks after school. Continue reading to learn how to incorporate some other well-known interior design styles for kitchens into your kitchen, including coastal, mid century modern, and French country.

Cuisine, cultural understanding, and historical perspective are just a few of the many things that can influence interior design for the kitchen. This is due to the fact that the food we prepare in our kitchen is the culmination of all of these influences. Let’s begin with some interesting facts about history: Did you know that Indian interior design for kitchens was primarily based on sitting kitchens up until fifty years ago? The storage areas surrounding our grandmothers probably had low-height hearths where they sat to cook. Therefore, our nation is unfamiliar with the standing kitchen concept as a whole.

Any one of these below mentioned interior design for kitchen additions would significantly enhance a room’s appeal. If you combined all the interior design ideas for kitchens, you’d have a stunning dream kitchen.

Let us look at 6 iconic interior designs for kitchens.

Cottage like kitchens

From your cozy cottage kitchen, you can charm dinner guests with a homemade meal or carefully plated takeout. The cabinets in a cottage kitchen are light and pastel, or neutral, and the creamy stone countertops act as a backdrop for springy textiles and accessories that are inspired by the garden.

Parallel top kitchen

Kitchen in parallel There is space here for multiple cooks. Also, don’t overlook the fact that all base kitchen cabinets have drawers, which will make it much easier to get around;This is a kitchen design that considers the elderly.

Eclectic kitchen style

The eclectic interiors of eclectic kitchens produce a dynamic result by combining furnishings and finishes from various design styles with complementary tones and textures.

Try a Yellow themes kitchen

This Indian open kitchen design is one of our favorites.That striking shade of yellow won’t be available anywhere else in the world!

In any case, don’t miss the sheer size of this kitchen island plan by the same token.It also makes it into the great hall of fame of Indian kitchens thanks to the storage it provides (see the lofts).


The coastal design style makes use of natural materials like driftwood, linen, capiz shell, bamboo, and woven seagrass, in addition to the light, airy hues of the ocean.

This inviting kitchen by These Interiors embodies coastal appeal with clean cabinetry, blonde oak floors, a pale blue island, and bar stools inspired by driftwood.


Classy Lofts

This kitchen design for a home has a very desi vibe because it is floor-to-ceiling.An Indian family would be persuaded that no space has been wasted.Besides, we love the way the whites structure the prep region inside the kitchen.

This was our list. I hope it helped.