The Complete Guide to Sofa Covers.

Using a sofa cover is the first line of defense against dirt, spills, and pet hair. A good quality sofa cover will protect your upholstery from both accidental stains and everyday wear-and-tear. For advice on purchasing sofa covers, continue reading.

The advantages of Purchasing a sofa cover

Typically, shoppers who purchase sofa covers want to shield their couches and loveseats from spills, house animals, kids, and dirt. It will cost less to purchase high quality chairs & sofa covers than to replace your furniture. For instance, use lounge sofa covers to hide worn-out couches which have seen better days. When you wish to update your decor with a brand new, polished appearance, sofa covers can be a good choice to revive your old furniture. When you’re sprucing up on a tight budget, it’s ideal if you have an aesthetically pleasing chair or sofa cover to go with your room.

Materials used for sofa covers:

Almost any sort of fabric or mixture could possibly be used to create sofa covers, including cotton, wool, fabric, spandex, and linen. You need to select some long-lasting, washable, and stain-resistant sofa covers, such as one particular made of thick organic cotton, if the furniture is commonly used. If you have young children, you should select a tear-resistant poly blend sofa cover that is almost impermeable. If you’re purchasing a sofa cover to protect your household furniture from stains, choose one which is dark in colour as well as one with an anti-stained pattern.

A thin sofa cover made of an elastic cotton-Spandex blend is an option as they are fashionable. Since it is available in fabrics just like corduroy and faux soft, this kind of sofa cover has the widest range of appearance and feel options.

Match for a sofa cover:

Although you can now discover sofa covers for hard-to-fit household furniture, such as for example T-curb couches and wingback chairs, they are best on round-arm furniture with rectangular chair cushions. Furniture can be covered or tied with furniture sofa covers. You might also want to think about getting a sofa cover with multiple pieces or perhaps simply one piece. One-piece sofa covers are simple to remove for washing and come in a larger range of sofa sizes. Each cushion’s individual piece in a sofa cover arranged will fit better and appear more seamless.

Method of measuring for a sofa cover:

To find sofa covers that fits your chair, loveseat, or sofa, measure it before making your purchase. Measure your furniture on the surface edge of one left arm to the other arm’s exterior edge to determine the proper measurement. Take note of the padded arms’ width. Then, if you’re purchasing a bottom-ruffled sofa cover, measure the distance between the furniture’s lower part and the floor.

It is time to get a little bit more serious about your sofa. You may not have given it much thought before, but now that you are thinking about it, you might be wondering if there is anything that can be done to protect it from dirt and stains. So go an buy some crazy fashionable sofa covers on Myntra Store.