5 Ceiling Fans in USA (2022)

In reality, more than one may be found in a single area at times. In India, each residence has approximately three fans. That is a fantastic figure. The weather in India seems to be that you should nearly always have at minimum one fan running. As a result, it is reasonable to predict that more than a hundred billion ceiling fans are operating as we type this ceiling fan buyer’s guide and evaluation. Until we get to the purchase recommendations, let’s look at the more renowned fans by best ceiling fan brands.

India’s Best Ceiling Fans

  1. 5 Star Gorilla Energy Saving Ceiling fan with a rating of 1200 mm, a remote control, and a Bldc motor.

This ceiling fan is part of a new generation of fans with a remote control device. The remote control has several settings that allow you to save more electricity. Let’s look at the more intriguing aspects of this innovative ceiling fan.

  • The propeller guarantees that it only needs 28 watts of power.
  • This system runs three times as long as an inverter, resulting in increased battery capacity.
  • The Bldc motor (Brushless DC Motor) prevents heat loss.
  • It is a quiet fan with a stylish appearance.
  • Three-year warranty period


  • A Brushless DC motor reduces up to 65 percent of power.
  • Remote-controlled
  • There are three methods: turbo, snooze, and clock.
  • There is no noise and no heat.


  • Inappropriate for huge rooms
  • A little pricey
  1. Orient Electric Aeroslim 1200mm Smart Premium Ceiling Fan with LED Underlight

With its amazing characteristics, this small electric ceiling fan truly affects the future phase of ceiling fans.

  • Since this ceiling fan is connected to the Internet – Of – things, it is a smart fan to be in your bedroom.
  • The inverter technology cuts more than 40% of electricity while keeping the fan running at voltages as low as 140V.
  • This Orient ceiling fan’s aerodynamic and slender design ensures the highest airflow delivery of any fan on the market.
  • The hydrographic PU coating matches the bend- and rust-resistant ABS body.
  • It is among the gorgeous fans to have in your great hall because of the ceiling-adjustable telescoping installation feature.
  • You must first download the Orient Smart App, connected with both Alexa and Voice Search voice commands.
  • With this app, you can schedule the fan’s operation, utilize torque control for top speed, spin the fan in the opposite direction for improved airflow, use the scenery switching illumination, activate the Breeze mode, and Snooze for additional convenience, and then use the designed timer.


  • Smart fan
  • Extremely high delivery
  • Superb and stylish appearance
  • IoT compatibility


  • Employee installation of the fan is required.
  • Expense is also a consideration.
  1. Orient Electric Aeroquiet Sweep Ceiling Fan 1200 mm

In India, Orient is a very well ceiling fan manufacturer. The Orient Electric Aeroquiet is the company’s most popular model. It has an aerodynamic design that is capable of producing exceptional performance. Let’s look at the greatest amazing advantages of this lovely ceiling fan.

  • The aerodynamic design provides a strong air throw to every part of the room.
  • The fact that these blades are rustproof is a crucial feature.
  • Every blade has a high-gloss finish.
  • This fan is known for being a quiet performer.
  • The 18-pole motor is equipped with double rolling elements for smooth operation.


  • Attractive design
  • Powerful motor
  • Air mass throw
  • Silent operating


  • The RPM speed does not meet the high criteria.
  • costly
  1. Ceiling Fan Crompton HS Plus 48-Inch 53-Watt Power Saver

Crompton is another well-known brand in the Indian ceiling fan business. The brown color, for some reason, works well with ceiling fans. Due to the obvious further characteristics, this ceiling fan accurate assessment yet packs a tremendous punch.


  • The 1200 mm blades carry air to every part of the room;
  • This fan is a BEE 5-star rated fan, which saves power;
  • Make no noise while operating; and
  • A double ball-bearing motor guarantees quality and performance.
  • Brand equity
  • Excellent particularly important given Powerful motor


  • It’s a little hefty.
  1. Ceiling Fan Bajaj New Bahar 1200 mm

When it comes to quality devices, the name Bajaj comes up frequently. Bajaj is a highly dependable brand. There have been reports of consumers purchasing Bajaj merchandise while wearing blindfolds. Such has been their notoriety over the years. This ceiling fan is nothing like that. Here are some standout characteristics.

  • The air distribution and velocity of this ceiling fan are well-known.
  • The motor’s two ball bearings assure low noise.
  • It has an excellent design because of the rust-free powder sprayed finish.
  • The fast torque engine is rather powerful.
  • The ribbed blades flex at the end to give more air to any area of the room.
  • A 2-year warranty covers the fan.


  • The name Bajaj is a showstopper
  • The delivery is silent
  • Outstanding performance Cons
  • Uses greater power (73 watts).