Window Cleaning Strategies For the Professionals

Window cleaning lorain oh is a relatively tough job requiring a lot of skill, strength, and preparation. Professional window cleaners are always looking for new ways to improve their service and offer their clients the best possible experience. Here are some window cleaning strategies for the professionals:

  1. Inspect your equipment regularly to ensure it is functioning properly.

When operating a window cleaning machine, there are things to keep in mind and considerations you need to be aware of. When using a high-pressure washing or steam-powered machine, ensure the water is not too hot or cold. You will want to clean your windows quickly and efficiently before the water cools down too much.

  1. Climbing is dangerous.

Always wear a safety harness, and ensure you have a long rope prepared in an emergency. Also, be aware of any potential hazards on the exterior (such as trees or overhangs) where you may need to work. This makes it almost impossible to get a full 360-degree view of the area you are working on.

  1. Opt for the best materials.

Always use the best equipment and quality, especially if you are going to be working for a customer who will be paying you to do it. The better materials will last longer and make your job simpler. There are good quality washing solutions on the market that you can use on your windows. You do not necessarily have to go with a homemade solution or something cheap just because it is convenient or inexpensive.

  1. Get rid of dirt before cleaning windows.

This is important because when washing your windows, the dirt and grime will stick to the exterior of your windows and leave streaks. You need to dust everything, even if you are going to be using a water-based solution. Utah county window cleaning provides extensive window cleaning services and helps with your windows, screens, gutters, and roof.

  1. Dry windows carefully for the best results.

No matter what you use to wash your windows, always ensure that they are clean and dry before moving on with any other work. A clean window is the result of a job well done and a window that looks good. Anything that gets on the window after you clean it will leave streaks and eventually cause damage to the window.

  1. Check the weather before cleaning a building with large glass windows.

You will want to ensure that there are no predicted storms or incoming clouds, as this can cause water spots even if you use a protective film to cover them during your wash. Weather is always unpredictable, so take precautions before you start washing the windows of a building that has large glass windows.

  1. Consider your client’s schedule when planning your work day.

If you are working on a large commercial building, think about the hours they are open and ensure that you clean their windows when they do not need to be covered up with protective film (such as on an office building during nighttime hours).

  1. Always carry a backup window cleaning solution with you.

If you are working with a water-soluble solution and the water stops flowing, you might have to end your job and get more water or find another way to provide the solution for cleaning windows. You never know when something like this will happen, and it is best always to be prepared for the worst.


Knowing these strategies and others will help you continue to provide the best window cleaning services possible. Always be professional, follow safety protocols, and be willing to learn. Check out to know more.