Which is best? Curtains, shutters or blinds

Blinds, shutters or curtains? It’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves when looking to make a change to our home. It’s one of the most exciting additions to a home renovation as it can affect light, temperature and the look of your home. But which choice is the best for your room? It depends on the room itself, home aesthetic, size of your windows and much more. Let’s take a look below and guide you through the choices on offer.


Curtains are a classic design, although they can overwhelm small or simple spaces and make a room feel smaller. Some homes are suitable for mixing styles but in general, we recommend sticking to one style throughout the house to keep things simple.


Blinds allow you to let in light during the day while maintaining privacy. Wide blinds are perfect for large windows where you don’t want to lose the beautiful New Zealand views from outside your home. They can control the light, unlike curtains, but take more maintenance and the added task of opening and closing them every day.


For smaller windows it is impractical to have curtains – shutters are a much simpler solution. They are sleek and crisp and great to look at. Less demanding than curtains and blinds, shutters with wide slats control light and allow good airflow which is important for a healthy home. Shutters are vastly more versatile than the previous options. Not just for small windows either. They can sit under your opening roof and be used to close in the sides of your deck, patio or veranda so you can enjoy shelter from the sun and added privacy and style. Stylish, versatile, low maintenance, and installed to stay, they’re made from aluminium, which is long-lasting, lightweight and easy to clean.


Curtains and blinds are solid choices, but for versatility and functionality, you can’t look past shutters to transform your home into a stylish modern home. Add them to inside windows, outdoor rooms or shuttered walls to protect you from harsh weather conditions year-round. Get them installed by an expert for the best look.