When to Call Emergency Plumbing Services in Philadelphia, PA

Owning a house comes with a laundry list of responsibilities, and facing plumbing issues can be among the most anxiety-inducing. Knowing when to call emergency plumbing services in Philadelphia, PA, is important, whether you’ve just moved into your new property or are a seasoned homeowner.

Here at Economy Drain Cleaning & Plumbing, we understand how crucial rapid response and professional intervention can be in averting plumbing disasters. This comprehensive guide will go through the most common scenarios that necessitate emergency plumbing services in the Philadelphia area.

Burst Pipes: An Uncontrollable Flow

Burst pipes are nightmares that can swiftly unfold in your home, causing severe water damage and potential mold growth. The sudden release of water can flood your living spaces within minutes, requiring quick action to mitigate the damage.

Signs of a burst pipe include:

  • A sudden decrease in water pressure
  • Puddles or damp patches on the walls or floors
  • Unexplained sounds of running water

Immediate Action:

  • Turn off the main water supply to your home.
  • Call an emergency plumber to assess the situation and make the necessary repairs.

Sewer Backups: A Delicate Situation

Sewer line issues are more than unpleasant odors and unsightly messes; they pose significant health risks and require professional expertise to resolve. If you notice any of your drains are unusually slow or completely blocked, or worse, sewage is coming up through the fixtures, it’s time to call the professionals.

Indications of a sewer line problem:

  • Drains are slow or clogged constantly
  • Sewage odors coming from drains or the potential for sewage to back up into your home
  • Lush, green patches of grass over the sewer line

What to do:

  • Cease all water usage to prevent additional backups.
  • Contact a licensed emergency plumber who can perform a camera inspection of your sewer lines to diagnose the problem.

Gas Leaks: A Silent Killer

The smell of rotten eggs or a hissing sound from your gas lines should never be ignored. Natural gas leaks can be a silent but deadly emergency. Evacuate your home if you suspect a gas leak, and call an emergency plumber to assess the situation and ensure it’s safe for you to return.

What a gas leak may look or sound like:

  • Rotten egg smell from the added odorant in natural gas
  • A hissing sound near the gas line or appliances
  • Visible damage to a gas pipe

Safety Measures:

  • Evacuate the home and ensure everyone is at a safe distance.
  • Call the gas company to turn off the gas.
  • Contact an emergency plumber to repair the gas line safely.

No Hot Water

Lack of hot water is more than a simple inconvenience, especially during the cold winters in Philadelphia. It can indicate a problem with your water heater that requires immediate attention. Attempting to troubleshoot or fix a hot water issue without the necessary expertise can be dangerous and is best left to a professional.

Causes for no hot water:

  • A broken or malfunctioning heating element
  • Sediment build-up in the water heater
  • Electrical or gas connection issues

What Should Be Your Immediate Steps:

  • Check the pilot light (for gas heaters) to ensure it’s lit and blue.
  • Reset the high-temperature cutoff, if applicable.
  • If these steps don’t restore hot water, call an emergency plumber to investigate and repair the issue.

Trust in Local Emergency Plumbing Expertise at Economy Drain Cleaning & Plumbing

Our team at Economy Drain Cleaning & Plumbing is dedicated to serving customers with the highest level of emergency plumbing services in Philadelphia, PA. Whether it’s a burst pipe spewing water into your home, a gas leak threatening your family’s health, or a lack of hot water on a freezing day, trust your local experts to provide the emergency services you need.