When Should You Call Pest Control in Georgetown? Check These Warning Signs!

Thanks to the favorable climate and warm weather, rodents, insects, and pests are not uncommon in Texas homes. Finding pests at your home in Georgetown could be a horrific experience, and pest control is not any average Joe’s job. Insects like termites can damage your wooden structures, while fleas, rodents, and roaches are responsible for spreading diseases. Kids and older people are more at risk of contracting common pest-borne infections. What are some of the common signs that require calling pest control Georgetown, TX? We have a list below for your help. 

  • Damaged wooden structures. Check the walls, fences, furniture pieces from time to time to find potential damage to wood. Termites feast on wooden structures and are capable of causing massive damage. In fact, an extreme case of termite infestation can impact the structural integrity of the building. You may find evident signs like discarded wings and tunnels. If termites are active, you may hear strange sounds from wooden products and components. 
  • Unusual sounds. Pests and rodents are most active at night. If you hear strange sounds in the house, especially at night, it could be a telltale sign of pest infestation. You may find sounds like scratching, gnawing, and scraping. These sounds are produced by different types of critters and insects, including rats and termites. 
  • Pest droppings. If you find droppings around the house, especially close to the trash can or the kitchen, it could be a sign of pest invasion. Droppings are more likely when the infestation has reached a certain point. Call a local pest control company immediately if you find droppings every day. 
  • Pests in plain sight. By the time you start seeing insects, rodents, and roaches moving around in the house, the problem is worse than you imagine. Contact a reliable exterminator soon if you have seen pests during the daytime or have spotted them suddenly at night. They can send someone to inspect the property. 
  • Your DIY hacks have failed. Like everyone else, you probably found DIY pest control products and hacks on the internet. If you have tried all of that with no success, it is time to contact a professional service. The good news is there are many local exterminators in Georgetown, and most of them offer amazing services at affordable prices. 

Ignoring your pest concerns won’t fix the problem. Find a dependable pest control company near you right away for a quick check.