What You Need to Know About Pipe Thawing Services

Plumbing systems are especially vulnerable to damage from subfreezing conditions. When water pipes freeze, the water supply to a house is cut off until the pipes can be unfrozen. If your pipes freeze over, you will need to contact a Toronto residential plumber, so you can get your water running again. Some people have inquiries about fixing pipes that have frozen.

Why Do Pipes Freeze During The Winter?

Most pipe-freezing occurs in areas where pipes are subjected to cold air or drafts. Due to inadequate insulation, foundational cracks, and lack of weather sealing, plumbing is vulnerable to subfreezing temperatures. Attics, garages, and crawlspaces are potential disaster zones for plumbing. Water in pipes can freeze during particularly cold spells, preventing water from moving through them.

How Can I Avoid Frozen Pipes?

Yes! Insulate water lines in unheated areas, repair foundation cracks, and air gaps, and wrap outside hose bibs. Dripping taps inside can help keep the house from freezing over in sub-zero temperatures. On exceptionally cold days, don’t open the garage or front door. You should try to keep the temperature at or above 55 degrees fahrenheit.

What Are Signs My Pipes Are Frozen?

Frozen obstructions are the most common cause of taps that don’t work despite open valves. Locate the areas where the pipework is noticeably chilly to the touch. When turning on appliances, make sure there are no gurgling noises. Leaks can occur after frozen pipes thaw. Frozen problems are likely if water is scarce.

When Should I Call For Pipe Thawing Services?

If you have no water, your pipes burst and leak after thawing, or you can’t find the source of the freeze to fix it yourself, you should call a plumber immediately. If your pipes freeze at night, you may need to call for emergency after-hours service to prevent major flooding and water damage to your house. It’s crucial to act quickly.

How Do Plumbers Unfreeze Pipes?

To properly defrost your pipes, plumbers utilize heating tools designed for the specific pipe type and location. They plan to gently thaw the frozen area to avoid severe pressure spikes caused by the expansion of the ice. Once the water is running, they will flush the pipes to look for any damage that needs fixing, such as leaks, cracks, or bursts.

Should Pipes Be Relined After Being Frozen?

The insides of pipes are weakened when they continually freeze and thaw. To avoid future corrosion and freezing, inquire about epoxy relining from your plumber. Relining the pipes instead of replacing them entirely can extend their useful life and reduce repair costs.

Do I Need to Insulate Frozen Pipes?

Absolutely! After fixing the problem of frozen pipes, prevent its return by taking precautions for the following winter. Foam insulation should be used on any plumbing that is exposed to the elements, and any gaps should be sealed with duct tape. Keeping heat tape in place on affected areas over time also helps prevent freezing. Take care of yourself!

How Can Frozen Pipes Affect Your Plumbing?

When pipes freeze over, the expanding ice generates breaks and bursts that let out a lot of water when they thaw. Water leaks can cause expensive problems with walls, ceilings, carpets, and furnishings. Massive flooding can occur if a pipe freezes and no one is aware of it. Frozen pipe prevention is a headache saver.

How Do I Prevent the Need For Pipe Thawig Services

Prevent frozen pipes by insulating them now. Keep the heat on throughout the cold weather. Allow faucets to drip during below-freezing nights. Apply heat tape to trouble spots. Lock up any unheated rooms. Eliminate cold spots around the house.


The Great Plumbing Co. is here to help you take preventative measures. By understanding the causes and triggers of pipe freezing, homeowners can take preventative measures to lessen the likelihood that they will require emergency thawing services. However, expert assistance is required if yours has already frozen. If you need assistance defrosting your pipes, contact us to book an appointment.