What You Need To Know About Office Cleaning Services

A clean and sanitable work environment is essential to having productive employees. Other than reducing employee turnover due to workplace injuries and sickness, it also gives a professional image of your organization.

Office cleaning can range from daily janitorial services such as vacuuming and bigger tasks done every three to six months such as deep carpet and window cleaning. Different commercial buildings have different cleaning needs. In big cities like New York, you can be spoilt for choice in selecting a company to contract for such services. There are multiple benefits of using nyc cleaning company that has specialized in the tools and products required for every cleaning situation.

In this article, we will explore the various types of services available from providers that allow you to focus on the core duties of your business.

Types of Office Cleaning Services

Before contracting the services of suppliers, it’s important to ensure that the employees are OSHA trained so you get value for money. Among the services you should expect include:

  • General office cleaning – This usually includes daily janitorial services such as; cleaning toilets, wiping down kitchen counters, mopping, wiping desks, chairs, and tops, and vacuuming and mopping. These services are conducted before office hours or after office hours to minimize business interruptions.
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning – Such cleaning is done as a day-to-day janitorial light cleaning or periodically in three to six months where deep washing is conducted. This helps to give your business a professional image while also lengthening the life of your office assets.
  • Commercial cleaning – This is mostly a service contracted by hotels and restaurants. Most of these businesses have employees that conduct this work, but it also pays to have professionals trained in removing stubborn stains and greases to ensure they meet health and safety requirements. This can be done weekly or monthly depending on the needs of the business.
  • Window cleaning – The service is usually exclusive of general office washing owing to the complexity and risk associated with windows. The contractor should also have proper insurance coverage in place to ensure your business isn’t liable for any accidents that may happen.
  • Grounds maintenance – This is usually offered to the exterior of buildings on their car parks with pressure washing and compounds. First impressions are everything and having a clean and pristine exterior gives business an aura of professionalism.

It’s not enough to understand the various services of office cleaning available without exploring what benefits accrue to a business in a clean environment. Some of these include:

  • A healthier work environment reduces sick days and liability claims associated with work-related injuries.
  • A better first impression for prospective employees, customers, and partners.
  • Less hassle in finding equipment and office supplies since everything is organized in its place.
  • The service accommodates your business schedule – cleaning is either done before or after business hours.


Cleaning services are usually contracted on an annual basis by the business or building owner. It is therefore of utmost importance to consider what to expect from these suppliers. These professionals assess your unique business needs and create a cleaning schedule that’s fit for purpose to enable you to focus on your core business operations.