What to Expect If You Have a Rodent Problem in California

It is tough to get rid of rats, and if you have a large number of them of varied ages, you have a few options. Dealing with rodents most of the time means dealing with mice, rats, and occasionally smaller rodents, but mice and rats will be your major problems. You’re lucky if you don’t know how serious a mouse problem may be. Tanler Termite & Pest Control will go over what to expect if you have a rodent infestation.

Los Angeles Pest Control for Rats and Mice

Rats and mice are some of the most clever pests you’ll ever come across. They can move quickly from one spot to another while remembering where food is because their minds can replay where food is. Mice and rats are undesirable house guests because their waste is harmful to your health. Rat management can be tough since rats are so sophisticated and cunning that they can sneak about your house undetected.


Mice are the smallest of the two most common rodents you may come across. Mice produce a large number of children fast, and those infants grow up quickly, so you may have an infestation before you realize it. They are small, swift, and have the potential to bite. They do significant damage by nesting in stoves and ovens and gnawing on wires in walls, increasing the possibility of your property catching fire owing to electrical problems. There are various techniques for eradicating mice from your home, but using a professional pest control company like ours is usually best.


Rats are significantly bigger and often meaner than mice. They have the potential to grow considerably larger and breed at the same rate as mice. This place will be chosen based on a number of factors. In some areas, for example, rats the size of small dogs can be found. They are both deadly and evil. They are more dangerous than typical mice when they bite you. Tearing insulation from walls to make nests and then letting their young live in your walls Rats, mice, and other rodents, such as squirrels, can do extensive damage to your property and jeopardize your health and life.

Getting Professional Help

Rats and mice may transmit disease and cause property damage, putting people’s health and safety at risk. Unfortunately, these pests are notoriously tough to eliminate, necessitating the intervention of expert pest control services in Los Angeles, CA, such as Tanler Termite & Pest Control. Reliable and competent rodent control services may assist in getting rid of rats quickly and efficiently, so reducing potential damage and keeping people and property safe. Additionally, these services may help find faults in a property that may allow pests to return. A corporation or family should utilize Tanler Termite & Pest Control right away to protect their investment.

Tanler Termite and Pest Control, among other things, specializes in getting rid of mice and rats. Our expert technicians can identify the type of rodent in your home and remove it as soon as possible, allowing you to return to normalcy. Before we exterminate the vermin, we will even clean up the mess and garbage they left behind.

If you believe you have rats in your house, please contact us right away so we can trap them and solve the situation. Visit our website or give us a call right now to learn more about how we can help you cope with rats.