What to Do if Your Heat Pump Outdoor Unit has Extreme Ice Build-Up on the Coil?

  • Shut off the interior system utilizing your remote control.
  • Locate the breakers or fuses on the electric panel that is associated with the interior as well as the outdoor system, and then switch off the breakers or get rid of merges.
  • Leaves breakers off or fuses eliminated for a minimum of 30 minutes.
  • With the power to the heat pump turned off, put warm water on the ice up until it is all gone. Do not pick at the ice with a tool, as this can harm the coil. Avoid putting water on any electric or digital components as these might be damaged.
  • When the ice is all gone, transform the breakers back on or insert the fuses back into the panel as well as wait an additional half an hour prior to transforming the indoor system back on.
  • When you’ve waited for the 30, turn on the interior unit with the remote. It will take about 10 minutes for the system to produce warmth.
  • If the device is just producing cool air, it could be associated with the outside temperature level being too cool as well as the system being incapable to generate warmth.
  • If the temperature level is rather moderate and still no warm is being created, after that a service phone call by a licensed heat pump technician may be called for.

Frequently Asked Inquiries

  • Should I use the automobile feature?

No. The device will certainly adjust itself to be in either heat pump setting depending upon the temperature level in the area as well as the temperature on the heat pump. If it’s set to the car and the sun warms up the area, it can activate the air conditioning in the middle of winter.

  • How frequently should I clean the filters?

We recommend cleaning them monthly. Check the internet about the simple means to maintain your heat pump tidy.

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