What to Do Before Contacting a Frozen Pipe Repair Company

Winters in Spokane Valley, may be quite severe. With cold weather comes the annoyance of frozen pipes. Burst pipes may result in significant damage that is expensive to repair. However, there are steps you can take to make it less likely for a pipe to first freeze. There are procedures you may do to thaw a frozen pipe, even if you do have one, perhaps preventing a rupture.

Plumb Zebra can assist you if you need frozen pipe repair done on Washington. Give them a call whenever you have an issue and need any main water line repair in Spokane Valley done for a job done right! They are always on call, and encourage you to get in touch with Plumb Zebra right away so they can start working to thaw out your pipes or perform the required repairs since frozen pipes may cause severe disturbance.

Three Strategies to Prevent Frozen Pipes

Ensure Your Home Is Warm

Maintaining your home’s thermostat at a minimum of 20 degrees Celsius is essential, even when you’re not there. When it comes to preventing frozen pipes, even a little temperature increase may have a significant influence.

Ensure That Your Pipes Are Adequately Insulated.

You can buy pipe insulation at any home improvement store. Before making any purchases, be sure to take precise dimensions of your pipes. Examples of unheated or exposed areas of the house that benefit most from pipe insulation are basements, attics, and garages.

Make Your Faucets Drip

Despite the fact that it may not appear to make much difference, it does! Keep a trickle of water flowing from each faucet this winter to easily prevent frozen pipes and costly repairs.

How to Unfreeze a Pipe Correctly

If when you turn on your faucets, very little water comes out, you may have frozen pipes that are readily identified. Settle down! There are a few things you may attempt to defrost the pipe on your own before calling for frozen pipe repair in Spokane Valley. Just carry out these actions.

  • Turn off the water at the main shut-off valve to protect the pipe from exploding while you are working on it.
  • Use a space heater, hair drier, or electric heating pad to thaw the pipe’s frozen portion. Use a closed flame only!
  • Slowly open the main shut-off valve once the ice has melted and the water has begun flowing through the pipe to avoid a pipe break.
  • Make careful to defrost the frozen pipe before determining if the other faucets in the home are also affected.

Maintaining open taps will let any remaining water drain away and stop the pipes from refreezing and bursting until the system has completely thawed.

Fixing Your Frozen Pipes

Help is required right away if a water pipe breaks within your home or place of business, and you are unable to adequately defrost it. For more than 20 years, Plumb Zebra has been repairing frozen pipes in Spokane Valley, WA. You may be sure that someone will be there to help you as soon as possible this winter to prevent your property from being destroyed any longer since they provide emergency services around the clock.