Trees always add to the beauty of the property. However, there are many reasons why you might have to undertake tree removal. It could be because the tree poses a safety threat or it has become diseased or damaged. Whenever you are planning to undertake a tree removal, you need to ensure that you hire only the experts to carry out the task. Tree removal requires experience, training and proper equipment to do it properly and safely. If the tree is not removed properly it can damage your property. Al Miley & Associates are the leading names in providing expert tree care solutions.

The cost of tree removal is dependent on various factors. You will need to have a budget for the process as you might also require some add on services. The larger the tree, the more expensive it will be to remove it as the worker might have to climb the tree before felling it. The calculation of the cost of removal of the tree is dependent on various factors. The average cost of tree removal lies between $300 and $3000. Various activities are carried out during the process of tree removal. Here is how much do these services cost.

Limb Chipping

Once the tree has been removed, the limbs need to be chipped so that they can be recycled around the property. The cost of limb chipping is dependent on the tree company as some companies have chippers available, they charge lesser for the service. The cost of a limb chipping service begins from $200.

Removing Tree Trunk

Tree removal doesn’t include the removal of the tree trunk. Once the tree has been chopped off, the trunk needs to be moved elsewhere. Removal of the trunk requires a lot of effort. The trunk will be required to be cut into smaller sections so that they can be hauled away. You can expect to pay anything about $200 to remove the tree trunk.

Removal of Tree Stump

The cost of stump removal is not always included in tree removal. A lot of times, you are required to pay extra for it. The process of stump removal requires the use of specialized equipment. It should always be done by a skilled professional. The cost of stump removal is dependent on the diameter of the stump and its condition. The cost of removing a healthier stump would be higher than a rotten stump. The cost of stump removal begins from $300.

Reach out to the expert

When you are planning to undertake tree removal, you must reach out to the experts to carry out the job for you. Tree removal requires an experienced and skilled professional with the right knowledge and equipment. They will carry out the task with proper care so that no damage is caused to the property. When you have experts by your side, they will help you to understand the process better. They will answer all the queries that you might have regarding it.