What Benefits Do Electric Cars Hold?

Cars are a staple of transportation. They can get us from Point A to Point B faster than our feet can. Not just that, but it is a much simpler choice than waiting around for a bus or a taxi. At some point or another, you will need to replace your car. While gas-powered cars remain the norm, electric vehicles (EVs) have begun to dominate the market.

These more modernized vehicles are run by a battery pack that can be recharged at an outlet. Aside from knowing about EV companies like Tesla, you might be wary of them or not know a lot about them, but they can be quite advantageous for both car owners and business owners.

As you read, you can discover why buying an EV might be the way to go. And, as an added advantage, you can see how The Meridian Company can be utilized to help you set up a home electric vehicle charging station in Lansing, MI!

Cost Benefits

One significant grievance many of us face with our cars is the cost of gas we see whenever we go to the pump. Even when the price does decrease, it never feels like enough, does it? Gas prices cause us to try to get out of specific commitments so that we can save money. However, life should not be put on hold just because of that!

Electric vehicles can take this stress away. They get their renewed power at a charging station, which is much cheaper and can be “fueled” in a shorter amount of time. More and more businesses are choosing to add these stations on their property, so getting energy for your EV won’t be a challenge.

However, if you want to ensure that you always have power when you need it, you could get a home charging station installed. Before you leave for work or a vacation, you can get your battery ready while you get ready. The Meridian Company is one of the few businesses out there that are equipped to make this a possibility, so their work can be a massive value for you.


Another essential aspect of life nowadays is keeping the environment safe. There is constant talk about issues in the climate and finding ways to reduce our carbon footprints. Thankfully, EVs can be one way you can make a difference without giving up a lot in your daily life.

Since they run on electricity, these vehicles do not release pollutants like their gas-powered counterparts. If more people begin to move towards buying electric cars, the more likely the air around us will be clearer and much easier to breathe in. Studies show that one EV can save almost 2 tons of CO2 being released in a year!

Less Maintenance

You always get to save time when you own an EV! Gas-powered cars often require some work done by a mechanic. It could be an oil change or power in the motor. For some, this work can be constant and take time from your already busy day. Electric cars are less likely to falter this often.

Because electric vehicles do not require oil changes, spark plug replacements, or other often changed components, buyers of electric vehicles will save money by skipping these maintenance duties. Furthermore, because they do not use an internal combustion engine and instead rely on an electric motor and battery, electric cars have fewer parts that can break down over time, resulting in fewer trips to the mechanic overall.

Getting Your Charging Station

Now that you are considering an EV in your life, it is also time to get a charger station set up to go with it! The Meridian Company may have been around for over three decades, but they know how to keep up with the times!

When clients in East Lansing, Lansing, and Okemos, MI, choose to get a station on their property, they can count on The Meridian Company to provide the fastest and most efficient services around. You can choose between the Level 1 EVSE (standard) or the Level 2 EVSE (special outlet with more power). As a bonus, getting one installed can get a rebate worth up to $500 from Consumers Energy!

With so many assets, what risk do you have when purchasing an EV and putting faith in Ther Meridian Company? Contact their team today to find out even more about their great services to you!