What are the methods to be followed to construct the building?

There is always a dream to have a new home for everyone even it is big or small. To construct a building the person should have the right property to build. Then they need to set the budget and need to hire an engineer to construct. Along with engineer design and the cost for the construction have to be calculated. For the building, the material has to be selected properly with high quality, which gives the long duration of life for the building. Here there some points used to construct the home.


To construct the building materials have to be purchased with high quality. The first step of construction is levelling the land and the foundation is given. Then with help of sand, steel, concrete, bricks, ready-mix concrete, blocks of buildings are constructed. After construction, there is a material called Plaster of Paris used as a coating on ceiling and walls for protection. It is also used for decorative elements as casting and moulding.

Other than sand comes with many types such as concrete sand, coarse sand, pit sand, river sand, M sand, and fine sand. Along with sand for construction cement are used in repairing mortar and it comes in two types, Grey and White.

Choosing the Location:

For construction, location is an important thing to remember. Without a proper location, the building construction is waste. They need to examine the slopes, soil types, structural foundation, grades, and boundaries. And to consider in advance the utility lines, drainage system, water sources, and other systems.

Creating the perfect plan:

The plan should be created according to the size of the land and future extension. While planning the budget for the materials, labours daily wages, and the number of rooms has to be decided. The unexpected expense may occur during the construction for that also budget should be planned.

Proper documents and necessary permissions:

For the building construction, all the documents should be correct and proper. With the proper documents, to construct the permission are needed from Electricity board and water sewerage. If the residential building is more than 15 meters tall, from the fire safety department permission is needed.

Hire the best contractor:

To construct the building, a registered contractor should be selected who have a good reputation in the market. The contractor should have a license and experience to give quality construction. They should resolve the issue whenever it occurs by communicating with them freely. They should finish the work in the given time and they should stick to the correct plan from start to end. The legal agreement has to be signed for building with step by step process.

Temporary arrangements:

The most important for construction is arranging electricity and water facilities temporarily. To store the materials a temporary space is needed where the materials may get damaged if it was exposed to the atmosphere.

Resale value:

Before the beginning of the construction, the owner should consider the resale value of the building. In future, the building value may increase, so the fixtures which are used in the construction should be worth resale for good value. So the owner should consider the design before planning the building along with the contractor.