Water damage repairs – DIY vs Hiring Orlando water damage experts

Attempting to address water damage in your home may seem like a cost-saving measure, but the stress, inconvenience, and potential expenses involved make it crucial to consider whether the DIY route is truly worth it compared to enlisting the expertise of a professional Orlando water damage restoration company.

Going the DIY route

When you first discover water leaking or flooding in your home, your instinct is to start sopping it up yourself to limit the damage. And for small leaks or spills, this DIY approach can work. However, for more extensive water damage beyond a few easily soaked-up gallons, attempting repairs on your end up costing you more in the long run if issues persist or worsen.


  • Saves on service fees. If you own equipment like wet/dry vacs, mops, fans, etc. there is no labor charge involved.
  • You can start right away instead of waiting for an appointment.
  • You will learn useful skills for future minor water damage issues.


  • Health hazards. Standing water can breed mold if not fully dried out, which poses respiratory issues. This risk increases if you miss affected areas.
  • Incomplete repairs. Lacking the right tools and drying technology, underlying moisture issues continue unseen. This allows further structural damage and mold growth.
  • Time-consuming. Extensive water removal and drying is labor intensive, especially if working alone.
  • Risk further damage. Using the wrong DIY methods could worsen water damage and destroy surfaces or belongings.

Calling the professionals

For anything beyond a small, easily managed spill, calling in a professional Orlando water mitigation company is wise to fully assess your unique situation and ensure no lingering moisture gets left behind. Their experience, equipment, and thorough process make them well-suited for this specialized work.


  • Health safety. Their truck-mounted vacuum systems remove up to 97% of moisture, lowering mold risks. DamageControl of Orlando also have gear to protect themselves in hazardous drying environments.
  • Structural preservation. Fast, high-volume water extraction prevents further warping or erosion damage to subfloors, walls, and other structural components.
  • Property salvation. Powerful drying equipment like dehumidifiers and air movers means less destruction of personal property.
  • Peace of mind. You focus on your daily life instead of water damage stresses and labor. Their 24/7 availability also lets you get support ASAP.
  • Insurance liaising. Many work directly with insurance companies to ease your claim filing and maximize covered repair costs.


  • Service fees. Like any contractor, you pay for their time, equipment usage, materials, etc. However, insurance claims cover a lot.
  • Scheduling delays. Reputable companies book up fast after major storms, floods, pipe bursts, etc. But most aim to respond within 1-2 days, some within hours.

When DIY water damage repair works

If caught quickly, small leaks or spills in your home are manageable as a DIY project. Say a sink pipe leaked under the cabinet or a laundry appliance overflowed slightly onto the tile. In these cases, turning off the water source and then mopping up excess moisture suffice. Use fans pointed directly at the area and monitor it in the coming days for any lingering dampness. Small drips on impermeable surfaces like metal, plastic, or glass likely air dry without issues also.

Call the pros for large water damage issues

In all other cases – extensive flooding, rising dampness on walls/ceilings, suspected mold growth, soaked carpets or insulation, major appliance leaks, or any moisture persisting longer than 48 hours – skip the DIY struggle bus and call water damage restoration specialists right away! The potential health hazards and the threat of ongoing structural damage make professional equipment and expertise a smart investment. Better to be safe than worry about penny-pinching.