Traveling by Boat with Your Pet

Pet lovers will surely want to take their animals everywhere they go. And what could be more delightful than a boat ride with your pet? Bringing your pet along for the excursion is a fantastic way to share an adventure, whether you’re discovering new rivers or spending the day at the lake. Simply plan ahead of time and consider your pet’s needs to ensure that everyone has a pleasant time. There are a few items to think about while bringing your pet on a boat ride. Pet owners almost certainly want to be able to take their pets with them everywhere they go. And what could be more enjoyable than taking your pet out on the water in a boat with you?

Bringing your pet along for the voyage is a fantastic way for the two of you to enjoy an experience, whether you’re exploring uncharted rivers or simply spending the day at the lake. Just make sure to plan ahead of time and consider your pet’s requirements to ensure that everyone has a good day.

Check the Weather

Even if you were not bringing your pet with you on your boat, you would need to check for the forecast to ensure that you are dressed accordingly. Even though pets do not wear clothing, the weather needs to be factored in for their benefit, too.

It’s better to let your pet relax at home if the forecast calls for severe winds, waves, or thunderstorms. While most boats are built to endure severe weather, tiny animals can be readily pushed overboard in heavy winds or waves. Thunderstorms can also produce severe lightning strikes, which can seriously harm or even kill pets. You can help keep pets safe and prevent them from becoming lost at sea by being aware of the weather forecast and making the decision to keep them on land during poor weather.

Are They Comfortable?

Not all pets are fans of the water. In fact, some might be stressed out by the rocking motions of the boats. When animals are away from shore, they may become nervous or agitated, which can lead to tension or even panic. If your pet appears uneasy, it is preferable to leave them at home, where they will be safe and happy. If you drag them along without their agreement, they may become seasick or attempt to leap from the boat.

In that case, if you do not wish for them to be home alone, find someone to petsit them for the day until you return. Depending on the trip you are planning, leaving them at home may be better anyways, as you will not have to fret over them as often.

Safety First

Not all dogs are natural swimmers, contrary to popular perception. In reality, if a dog falls into deep water without a life jacket, he or she is at risk of drowning. Even strong swimmers can become fatigued or disoriented in open water.

Dogs and other types of pets should wear life jackets on boats, just like people do. Fortunately, there are now pet-specific life jackets available that may give them the same amount of protection as their human counterparts. When selecting a life jacket for your pet, make sure it is the correct size and has a durable clip that can be fastened to your pet’s collar. Additionally, search for a life jacket with reflective strips or bright colors to assist you in finding your pet in the water if they fall overboard. Rock Outdoors carries life jackets for all and may be able to help you with your pet, as well.

You also want to keep them safe by keeping them on a leash or harness. According to the Humane Society, an estimated one million dogs die in the United States each year as a result of avoidable accidents and injuries. Many of these accidents occur on boats, where unsuspecting pets can fall overboard or be injured by propellers. Use a leash and harness to keep your pet protected on your next boating expedition. A leash will help you keep your pet under control while on board, and a harness will provide an added layer of safety if your pet falls overboard.

Keep Watch of Their Movements

Speaking of which, if you bring your pet with you, you will need to keep your eyes on them at all times. Dogs can easily go overboard, and they can also get in the way of navigation. Cats, on the other hand, tend to hide when they’re aboard a boat, making them harder to locate if you need to make an emergency stop. If you have a pet bird, keep it in its cage at all times because birds are extremely vulnerable to wind and waves.

Bring Necessities

Pets cannot endure all of the same obstacles as humans can. That is why you must make sure you pack everything that is vital to keep them comfortable. The first step is to bring lots of fresh water for them to drink. Pets can become dehydrated fast in the hot weather, so have a supply of cool, clean water available. You should also provide a shady area for them to escape the sun if they become overheated. A beach umbrella or portable shade canopy can help your pet keep cool and comfortable all day by providing relief from the glare and heat.

Food is another big necessity for pets to have, along with medication. It’s critical to have enough for the entire journey, plus some extra in case of an emergency. Seafood is an excellent option because it is high in nutrients and easy to keep. However, it is critical to avoid giving your pet any raw fish, as this can result in food illness. It’s also a good idea to bring some dry food, which doesn’t need refrigeration and may be fed by hand. For your human food, make sure it is sealed up so that your pet is unable to eat it or knock it over.

If your pet takes medication, always make sure to have it on hand. You never can guarantee when an emergency is going to take place. Steering on the side of caution is always the best bet.

Pick the Perfect Boat

If you want to bring your pet along for the ride, choose a boat that is both sturdy and easy to maneuver. If you have a large dog, this may not be the best option because they can be difficult to control in a kayak or canoe on rough water. Choose a sailboat or a motorboat for a more intimate encounter. You and your pet will have a more enjoyable ride in these more durable boats. Another thing to consider is whether or not there is a cabin aboard the boat. If it does, make sure your pet has enough airflow to stay cool. These aspects must be considered while selecting a boat for your future sailing trip with dogs.

Your pet is a major part of your life and should be treated like a fellow person on the boat. At Rock Outdoors, we can help you find the best boat to keep you all safe. Visit our website to learn more.