Whether you are building a new house or want to revamp your existing floor, engaging the best residential flooring contractor is vital to ensure the work is done to your standard. Residential flooring is not a cheap investment. If anything, it is a significant investment that will boost the value of your home but takes a premium flooring contractor to achieve that. 

It is only best that you take your time to research extensively to find the right residential flooring contractor who suits your flooring needs. Here are the key considerations to make.

The kind of flooring you need

First, decide the type of residential flooring you need as it will guide you in choosing the right flooring contractor for the job. As you may already know, different flooring contractors have various specialties. While some focus on concrete flooring, others focus on wood flooring installations. If you want tile flooring, you want to hire a residential flooring contractor who specializes in tile flooring and so forth.


Once you determine the type of flooring you want to install in your home, you should look for a flooring expert seasoned in what they do. There are dozens of flooring companies out there, but your best choice is a flooring contractor who has worked long enough to gain vast flooring experience. An experienced flooring contractor brings so much expertise to the table that they can even offer some insight into your flooring choice, depending on your needs. A veteran knows how to do the job right and can deliver more quickly than an amateur.

License and insurance

The experience is not enough when hiring a flooring contractor. You still have to consider their credentials, including license and insurance. A license assures you that the flooring contractor is qualified and permitted to practice in your state. Also, licensed professionals are held to specific standards in the industry, so it guarantees that they will do a quality job.

Insurance is also essential. Liability and workers’ compensation insurance assure you that you will not be held accountable for any damage or injury during the work. You should check the license and insurance to ensure you do not fall for scams and that your money and time go to the right professionals.

Check out the contractor’s portfolio.

The right way to know if you’re dealing with the right residential flooring contractor for your needs is to investigate their previous projects. Ask for references and check out the types of flooring projects they have completed before and the quality. You can go online or physically check out the residential properties but ensure you have the permission.


You must work with a flooring contractor who adheres to the proper work ethics and practices the highest level of professionalism. First, they should outline the scope of the work and a general estimate of the costs. You should avoid any contractor who is unwilling to provide a clear written estimate.

A key takeaway

Ensure you ask the flooring contractor you consider hiring about their products’ brands. A reliable contractor will use quality flooring products and offer a warranty.