Tips For Looking After Your Outside Space During The Summer Months

Tips For Looking After Your Outside Space During The Summer Months

During the summer months, we all enjoy making the most of our garden and outdoor spaces. Many estate agency Essex branches will also tell you that a well-maintained garden could be considered a huge plus point when it comes to securing a sale! So, what are some of the top tips to ensure your garden remains in good condition throughout the hot and dry summer months?

Take Care Of Your Lawn

Lawn maintenance is something that is often forgotten by homeowners when they first move into a property.  You should mow your lawn regularly to ensure that it remains in good condition, don’t be tempted to over-mow however, as this could leave you with patchy grass. Patchy grass could already be a problem, and if this is the case, regular grass seed can be applied. Keeping garden edges tidy will help to ensure that your grass doesn’t encroach onto your flowerbeds. Regularly trimming your edges means that weeds will also be kept at bay.  

Maintaining Patio Areas

Patio areas don’t need as much maintenance in the summer months as they do during the winter, but it is still important to keep on top of them. Regular sweeping will ensure they there are less likely to become damaged or cause injury to someone. Be sure to remove weeds that pop up in the cracks of your patio slabs regularly. The summer months will see an influx of dandelions and rouge weeds scattered throughout and these can be hard to keep on top of.

When And How Often To Water Your Plants

This is the topic of much discussion and debate, so be sure to contact a qualified gardener if you have any concerns. Generally speaking, you should avoid over-watering your plants throughout the summer months. Mulching your raised beds and flower beds is an excellent way to ensure that moisture is retained within the soil, even during warm weather. This reduces the need for watering and keeps plants happily thriving. Evening and early morning watering are both recommended.

Create Shaded Areas

It is important to create shaded areas in your garden for plants and for your own enjoyment. The sun can reach scorching temperatures during the summer months, and you’ll undoubtedly want a place to relax or entertain guests where they won’t risk being sunburned. Pergolas, awnings, and parasols are all fantastic ways to ensure that shaded areas are present. They will also add a stylish touch to the decor of your outside spaces.

Pruning And Dead-Heading

Plants will grow faster than ever during the warmer months, so it is important to ensure that you are pruning and deadheading where required. Deadheading plants will not only help your garden’s aesthetic presentation, but it will also create healthy flowers that keep producing throughout the season.