The Marketing Benefits of Custom Logo Mats

Your floors can be a sales and marketing tool for your business. Are you taking full advantage? In this day and age, everyone is constantly looking down at their phones, floor are an underutilized marketing tool. They can serve as the perfect blend of branding and functionality.

Custom Logo Mats Cannot Be Missed

Floors offer a great marketing advantage. It is impossible to miss them. They are often seen first by customers. It is important to make a first impression. If you don’t interest in potential customers, you won’t make an impression. Custom rugs with logo provide safety and security for your customers as well as your employees.

Customers will be less likely to return to your store if they see dirt or aren’t organized, even though your product and service are excellent. Make sure your store is spotless inside. Take the time to clean out your outside by cleaning out your sidewalk, windows, and parking lot. People are more likely to believe that someone doesn’t care in a messy or dingy store.

Logo Mats Are Customizable

Logo mats are available to coordinate with marketing/visual communication plans. You have many design options for custom logo mats.

Tips and Tricks for Making Custom Logo Mats

You can find custom Logo Rugs that you can use for your business. You’ll get the most from your investment if you choose the right rug style. These are just a few of our top tips when designing your logo rug.

Consistency in Everything Matters

Professionalism and consistency are crucial when designing custom logo flooring mats. It is essential to preserve the consistency of your brand image such as interiors, letterheads, and building signage. Your brand’s logo should be integrated into your logo mat. It shouldn’t stand out.

Make It Clutter-Free

Avoid creating a ‘busy’ mat design. Too much clutter is counterproductive and can shift viewers’ attention. But, not everything needs to be the same. One image is all that’s necessary to create a simple logo mat design. This could be either your welcome message or your brand name. It is vital that the main design is highlighted by all surrounding images.

Find the Best Direction

Depending upon the design chosen and the area available for the logo mat, you can choose whether to print vertically (portrait orientation), horizontally or both. Placing logo mats near wide entranceways is a good idea. It’s almost always best to print horizontally. While hallways might be best for logo mats that are oriented in portrait, they can also work well for placing them in an area larger than the rest.

Logo mats simplified

While it is possible to add slogans, colors or other details to your mat, the overall design must not be complicated. Customers will not stop to just take a look at your rug. Customers will not stop to look at the floor mat, even in the worst scenario. The floor mat should be free from clutter and abstract drawings. Floor mats with logos need to provide little entertainment for their target audience, but enough detail so they are easy to see.

It may not be necessary to have your logo on your entry mats. You can improve the customer’s experience by placing your logo on your entrance mats, even though they may not be high enough. These details are easy to see and will give customers a feeling that the company is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. This can be a subtle marketing strategy to keep customers returning for the same outstanding customer service.