The Guide To Pick The Best HVAC System For Commercial Properties


What? Looking for reliable HVAC in Purcellville to get installed in your commercial building? No worry! Here we are back with little help on types of HVAC systems to choose from over the utility in offices and other commercial spaces. Check out below.

1. Single Split System: It is designed with a single split HVAC system, which includes one compressor, an evaporator coil, a furnace, and a refrigerant. These are good for small offices with limited space or single-hall showrooms.

2. Multiple Split System: These are the next level of a single split system. It is designed with multiple door hooks, including a compressor, evaporator coil, refrigerant, etc. These suit large commercial spaces like extensive showrooms, warehouses, and corporate buildings.

3. VAV; Variable Air Volume: To make spaces have a proper air supply, ventilation, and temperature control, these VAV are installed. It majorly keeps airflow and its quality good. Small offices with limited space can go for it without secondary thought.


4. VRF; Variable Refrigerant Flow: These are also known as variable refrigerant volumes focusing on heating and cooling medium indoors. VRFs are better installed in buildings looking for a highly effective and energy-efficient heating and cooling system.

5. CAV; Constant Air Volume: To keep airflow regulated in a building that also helps control temperature and humidity. It is best for areas with large open areas and lesser windows. For event organization halls, exhibition halls, malls, etc.


The Final Verdict:

You may find HVAC in Purcellville with many options. Now you know your right need with it for commercial building. Inquiry over its size, volts, and features is also essential to decide on better uses. So call an expert to know your HVAC system needs and offer the best.