The building blocks of commercial cleaning during pandemic

Covid cleaning services Los Angeles are helping commercial place owners in maintaining a hygienic environment. The cleaning services use special equipment and cleaning solutions for complete disinfection and sanitization.

Whether it is your apartment or your office, the need for covid cleaning processes is immense nowadays. As the workplaces are now moving toward work from the office, the government guidelines have made it mandatory to follow certain protocols. Deep cleaning on a regular basis is no more an optional task. 

Office cleaning services Los Angeles and apartment cleaning services Los Angeles already are helping clients in keeping a clean surroundings. These commercial cleaners are now combining the covid cleaning services with the regular cleaning services in order to contribute to curbing the spread of infection.

Building blocks of commercial cleaning:

For providing a complete and robust cleaning and disinfection program, the commercial cleaners mainly use the following six building blocks. These building blocks are enabling commercial cleaners to perform the best duty in a fixed time frame.

  • Organizational support – 

For an effective cleaning program, it is vital to have strong organizational support. If a commercial cleaning firm does not come together in building the cleaning program, it will never be able to provide desirable results. When we refer to organizational support, we mean that both the commercial cleaning company and the office looking for cleaning services must collaborate. There must be one leader to oversee the whole cleaning process. Having a leader will ensure the quality of service. Furthermore, both the commercial cleaner and client must meet on a monthly basis for a review of the service. It helps in acknowledging the weaknesses. Clarity of the cleaning budget and its usage is always a better option. Lastly, staffing for cleaning activities also comes under the organizational support building block.

  • Policies –

 Once the budget and staffing aspect is clear, the next block is the creation of policies. Everyone has a different view of cleaning processes. What is clean for one person may not be clean for the other. As a result, it becomes important to design detailed policies. These policies must define ‘what’ must be done. The policies provide a checklist to the staff performing the essential cleaning activities. Details about roles and responsibilities, cleaning schedule, emergency plan, approved cleaning materials, and other key aspects are properly documented while developing policies for cleaning programs.

  • Product selection – 

After the policy creation, it is time to put together all the different cleaning materials. For the same one must ensure that the cleaning needs are clear. Depending on the cleaning surface, different materials are available in the market. Moreover, there are different products for removing oil and dirt. As a result, a complete inspection of the facility is a must. It helps in jotting down the points for arranging the exact products. Commercial cleaning firms also create a questionnaire to make sure that nothing misses the eye of the cleaning inspector. Answering these questions correctly will automatically provide a product selection list.

  • Procedure

 Policies answer the ‘what’ aspect of cleaning programs. On the other hand, procedures answer the ‘how’ aspect of cleaning. Obviously, cleaning carpet and cleaning washroom flooring can never follow the same procedure. Being clear about the procedure for cleaning a particular type of flooring or facility saves a lot of time. All the cleaning staff members do not have to run behind trainers to perform the cleaning activities in the right manner. All they have to do is follow the procedure put in place and their cleaning task is complete without any hassle. As a commercial cleaning team, make sure that your procedure has three sections, namely, preparation, clean and disinfect, and wrap-up. Diligently completing the three sections will provide the best cleaning results.

  • Education and training – 

The cleaning staff is held responsible for providing a hygienic environment to the client. As a result, they must have proper knowledge about the cleaning solutions and their effects. Details of the risk that different pathogens hold and the knowledge of getting rid of these pathogens are key for a successful covid cleaning program. While initial training is mandatory, there must be regular training sessions for the experienced staff members. With the changing regulations with respect to the pandemic, the cleaning needs and methods keep on changing. 

  • Monitoring and continuous improvement – 

Once the whole cycle is complete, it is time for review. Developing a cleaning program and its monitoring on a regular basis helps in identifying the weak points of the program. The customer feedback, employee ideas, and knowledge of new processes must be incorporated for bringing improvement in the cleaning programs of a commercial cleaning company.

A good commercial cleaning firm makes it a point to work on the above-mentioned building blocks. Focusing on these ensures that no aspect is ignored while providing cleaning services.


While we feel that the regular cleaning activities which we perform are sufficient, the fact is that commercial cleaning is what we need, in order to fight against the coronavirus. The only point of care is to choose a commercial cleaning firm that diligently follows the process of curating a detailed cleaning program.