The Art of Wildlife Proofing Your Yard

While animals, in general, are wonderful creatures and witnessing them may bring us delight, nature can sometimes wreak havoc on our houses. Even the tiniest of critters may create havoc, whether to your yard or to the structure of your home. That is why it is critical to be aware of the many safeguards available to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Racoon Issues

Raccoons are curious, clever animals, but if they decide to make your home their permanent home, they may cause significant damage to your possessions. Because of their power and sharp claws, they can readily rip through roofs, soffits, and screen doors. If they come inside, they will urinate and defecate all over the place, which may be harmful to the construction of the house as well as your health.

Raccoons pose a hazard not just to your trash but also to your plants if they enter your yard and begin digging. Raccoons may wreak a lot of harm, so if you suspect them, you should act promptly. You should clear out the surrounding plants and trees to make it easier to access your roof. Tight locks on all doors and windows, as well as the sealing of any crevices or other holes that the animals may utilize, are required. Raccoons are less likely to make your property their permanent home if you follow these safeguards.

To What Extent, If Any, Do the Animals in Your Area Cause Harm?

Raccoons aren’t the only animals to be concerned about. The precise fauna you meet may vary based on your location. Pigeons, mice, and other rodents, for example, may be more prevalent in cities, but deer, rabbits, and other small animals may be more common in rural settings. Although most wildlife is safe for humans, certain species have been known to cause structural damage. Rodents and rabbits are well-known for wreaking havoc on gardens and farms, as well as outdoor areas and structures.

Avian pests such as bats, birds, and pigeons can be bothersome at times. They will choose a nice, secluded area in the eaves or a recess of your roof to establish themselves. They may create a lot of noise and do structural damage to your property if they settle in (roof, stucco, decking, walks, etc.).

Animal-borne diseases can occasionally be transferred to humans. As a result, it’s critical to understand the area’s fauna in order to avoid any potential harm.

Taking Steps to Reduce the Chance of an Insect or Mice Infestation in Your Brentwood Home

It is best to keep wild animals away from your house and yard than to deal with them afterward. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Garbage bins must be kept safe at all times, preferably in a garage or shed.
  • Make careful to put your pet’s meal away each night.
  • Maintain your grass and remove any wood or debris that might serve as a home for animals.
  • Install motion-sensor lights to ensure you have access to light whenever you need it.
  • Leave no holes unattended, such as cracks in the wall or areas surrounding windows and doors.

Take these simple steps to reduce the likelihood of animal interactions in and around your home.

Locating a Pest Control Company to Assist You

While there are safeguards you may do on your own, it is best to see a professional for the safest solution to your problems. McCauley Pest Control provides humane and professional wildlife control services in Brentwood, CA, and guarantees the compassionate and effective elimination of all wildlife problems on your property. When you call us, we’ll send a team of qualified and professional exterminators to remove any pest animals from your house in a compassionate manner.

We employ cutting-edge equipment and strategies to eliminate the animals that are invading your property. All of the methods and solutions we employ to eliminate animals on your property are 100% environmentally friendly. If you have any questions about our pest control services in Brentwood, CA, please contact us right away.