Secrets to Finding a Great Painting Contractor

Finding a great painting contractor is more than looking at the price, quality, and service. Finding a good contractor starts with professional advice and informed decision-making on your behalf. The following tips should help you find the best painter for your home or business.

  1. Find out what kind of work they do. Talking with many contractors can give you a better idea of which one will suit your needs most effectively as well as show you how to proceed from there if it doesn’t come up in conversation, ask for their portfolio so that you can see what type of work they do and how good it is before you commit to hiring them.
  1. Have a clear vision of the project you want to be done. Give your contractor as much information as possible to help them provide the best estimate they can, and it is also helpful, to be honest about flaws or damage that you know is already there.
  1. Ask family and friends for contractor recommendations and use google to find additional contractors in your area. These are great ways to find qualified¬†AJ Blunt painting contractorswith experience with painting projects like yours. Finding a painting contractor that fits into your budget can be challenging unless you do your research first, but don’t despair! With these tips, you’re sure to paint a great picture of how pleased your home or business will be with the finished product.
  1. Try to stay within a budget however you can, it is your home or business, and you don’t want to go over by too much. Several factors can contribute to this, such as the size of the area that needs to be painted and how dirty it is, so keep this in mind when getting quotes.
  1. Always hire a painter with insurance and a valid labor guarantee. This will protect you in case anything happens while they are working on your home or business and ensure that they will be available if anything goes wrong with the painting job.
  1. Check if your painter is a Better Business Bureau (BBB) member and if they have any complaints or issues with their business. It is always better to hire someone who has a good reputation and is well respected.
  1. Make sure your painter has a good portfolio showing work they’ve done in the past. This will also give you an idea of what kind of job they do and how well they do it, as well as reveal anything you might wish to change or alter before the job begins.
  1. Check client references and list questions to ask the contractor before hiring them. They should be able to answer all your questions with respect and professionalism.
  1. It is always a good idea to meet with the painter more than once before hiring them for your home or business, but if you are not comfortable doing this, it is okay to engage them on the condition that you meet with them person later on.
  1. Always feel comfortable talking with your painter no matter what they tell you, and feel free to ask any questions pertaining to their work or anything else that comes up while they are working on your home or business – their work should be efficient, timely, and impeccable.