Roof Maintenance: Tips for Extending the Life of Your Roof 

Let’s admit that – we generally don’t care our roof as much as we should yet expect it to last as long as we wish. Sadly, it won’t. Even the most durable and sturdiest of roofs and tiles don’t last beyond a certain age. So, yours too won’t for sure. And since a roof had to face so much year round, such as the rain, wind, snow, ice and sun, some damage is almost inevitable.

Although you may not save the roof from the fury of nature and cycle of nature, you can still ensure that those occasional small issues don’t harm it to an irreparable extent. In fact, if you’re ready to take care of those sporadic repairs in a timely manner, like cracked tiles or chipped shingles, it might save you from a huge structural damage in future.   

So, you should take every possible care to keep the roof in good condition with regular upkeep. With proper maintenance, you can surely increase its life expectancy beyond what you imagine.

Here are some of those tips –

In this post, some important homecare maintenance tips are discussed that you can follow and hopefully extend the life of your roof.


Have your roof inspected at least once a year

If you really want to extend the life of your roof, make sure you have it inspected at least once a year. The best time for such inspection is after the summer when your home has braved through the seasonable winds and heavy rains. And by the time the summer is gone, chances are your roof might have sustained some damage which may not be visible from the naked eyes but they may exist somewhere deep down. For that reason, it’s always safe to consult a roofing expert and schedule an inspection to avoid small issues from worsening into something major.   

Clean the roof at least twice a year   

Cleaning the roof once or twice a year can keep off the dust and debris and extend its life considerably. No matter in which part of Canada you live, the weather is something that can take a toll on your roof and you just can’t avoid it. So when you decide to clean, avoid pressure washing and just keep it simple. It’s also advisable to not use any chemical or cleaner you’re not sure about else it might adversely impact the quality or colour or longevity of the tile.  

Pay immediate heed to any signs of roof damage

You should immediately swing into action the moment you see any signs of roof damage whether it’s related to water spots or broken tiles or anything else. Similarly, even those little signs such as a chipped tile should not be ignored as who knows what might be brewing inside there. Apart from the visible damage, howsoever small it appear, leaks on the ceiling are something you should immediately try to fix, else it can escalate into bigger issues as times goes by. 

Repair a damaged tile sooner rather than later

Tiles have a huge role in extending the life span of your roof system. And the more care you provide them, the more they will last long for sure. So, repairing tiles is something that you should never put on hold else it can lead to bigger repairs down the years. The good strategy is to inspect the tiles right after the rain or summer and locate any signs of damage, be it stains or breakage, and get it repaired at the earliest.    

Trim the tree branches close your home

Though trees are great for everyone as they provide shade and natural charm, you would surely not want their branches to hang over your roof as it can bring issues. In fact, the overhanging branches of a tree can harm your roof in more ways than you can imagine – they can scratch the roof, offer an easy route for pests to reach onto the top of your roof, and in worst case scenario, damage the roof system extensively if there is strong wind or storm. So, trim them down as and when they start reaching near your roof. 

Routinely Clean gutters

Accumulated water is always bad for the roof. They can cause a roof leak. It can also irreparably deteriorate the roof system. That’s why you should clean the gutters regularly, at least once a year, so that the rain water flows off as smoothly as it should. Sometimes, the gutter may also clog up due to a build-up of dirt, debris and other particles and when that happens, water can always stays there for longer and cause damage. 

Final Thoughts

It takes a lot to buy a home that looks beautiful yet it takes nothing to keep it looking forever charming. And roof maintenance is a key part of that endeavour. Make sure you take care of roof well enough with proper maintenance so that it can last beyond the years you expect.

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