Quality Survey Equipment for the Modern Surveyor


The equipment surveyors use has come a long way. Modern tools help you take quick, accurate measurements of distances, locations and more. Prepare to launch a career as a surveyor or enjoy the latest survey equipment for your current work.

Global Positioning Systems

A global positioning system, or GPS, is a commonly used item that has become essential for modern surveys. A GPS isn’t just a handy way to find your position in a city and receive driving directions to your destination. These tools can also be used to receive accurate latitude and longitude coordinates as you survey land.

A surveyor’s GPS is a rugged device to be used in the field. Look for one with a waterproof or water-resistant case. Some allow you to save coordinates and perform calculations.

Electronic Distance Measurement Instruments

Surveying often requires measurements of distance that can’t be reasonably performed with a tape measure or other physical device. In these situations, you need an electronic distance measurement, or EDM, device. EDM survey equipment can be divided into three basic types:

  • Microwave instruments
  • Infrared wave instruments
  • Lightwave instruments

The accuracy, cost and range of use vary depending on the type of instrument you choose. Use a smaller, more accurate instrument for surveying construction projects and other small projects. A larger instrument can handle longer distances, record measurements and perform other functions.

Automatic Levels

Achieve a level line in surveying projects with an automatic level. These dynamic devices maintain a line of collimation or line of sight. They can achieve these lines even if the instrument is tilted. They can be used for structural framework, suspended ceilings, establishing drainage systems or performing other construction and surveying tasks.

Consider the best type of automatic level to fit your needs. Here are the basic types that are used in surveying situations:

  • Y level
  • Dumpy level
  • Cooke’s reversible level
  • Tilting level
  • Automatic level
  • Cushing’s level

Be sure you review the steps to calibrate your automatic level before you begin. Many surveying levels come with telescoping supports to set up at varying work sites.

Total Stations

Instead of a truck full of tools, many surveyors opt for a total station. This device combines a number of essential tools in the surveying toolkit to offer the following functions:

  • Angular and distance measurements
  • Data processing and storage
  • Digital displays

The combination of an angular measuring instrument and EDM offers a quick and convenient solution for taking and storing measurements in the field. Look for a total station that offers the data processing you need for your projects and can be easily set up where you need it.

Compare the stand options available with modern total stations. Some have telescoping stands, while others are sold separately from any type of stand. Choose one that’s waterproof or water-resistant if you plan on using your total station outdoors.

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