Problems That Frequently Lead to Clogged Drains

A blocked drain is one of the most annoying plumbing problems you could encounter. Your sink fills up with water while you attempt to identify the issue. While certain clogs, like damaged piping, may be beyond our control, there are many typical errors that individuals make that result in a backlog. When one of these problems arises, you can contact a dependable plumber like Neighborhood Plumbing and Drain to provide you with all the blocked drain repair services you need in Lakeway, Texas.


Have you ever had leftover bacon grease after cooking breakfast? What other option do you have except pouring it down the drain? Cooking oil may seem to be disposed of safely, but fat may rapidly build up in pipes and cause a blockage. A clog develops as a result of the grease congealing and trapping food scraps and other debris. Grease also slows down water flow via pipes, causing backups and slow-moving drains. Put used cooking oil in a container and throw it away in the trash to prevent these problems.


You may believe that all of your hair when you brush it, gets caught in the brush, but a lot of it really ends up in the sink. When shaving in front of a mirror, the same holds true. Do you really want to have to subsequently take out a clump of damp hair?

Overloaded Garbage Disposal

An asset is waste disposal. Any additional food pieces that may have been left on our plates may be broken up by them. They shouldn’t clog because they disassemble these objects, right? This is not true. Small food scraps like eggshells may be broken down by garbage disposals. Some individuals do, however, discard more difficult garbage, such as fruit pits or animal bones. When you run your disposal while having them down the drain, you run the danger of not only creating a clog but also damaging your disposal.

Towel Scum

Additionally, using the wrong kind of soap might clog drains. Even while soap is supposed to clean, it often leaves behind a sticky film that builds up over time and creates clogs.

How to Clean Your Drains

In certain cases, you can unclog a drain on your own. You may try clearing them out with a plunger or get non-abrasive cleansers from the shop. However, you should get assistance from a plumber if you have more serious issues that you are unable to resolve, such as a problem with your garbage disposal.

Residents of Lakeway, Texas, have relied on Neighborhood Plumbing and Drain for all of their plumbing-related needs. They can handle it whether hydro jetting is necessary or if the drain has to be removed totally.

Everyone makes errors sometimes when it comes to Lakeway, TX, clogged drain repair services and getting your drains cleared, there’s no question that Neighborhood Plumbing and Drain can help you. But you can prevent many different clogs in your drains with a little planning and effort.