Points to remember while choosing a sofa for a small family

Every room in our homes has its own entity.  A living room has a special trait as we spend most of our time watching TV, reading books, spending lazy weekends, hanging out with our pets, friends, and family members, and entertaining visitors.  Certainly, living room sofas need to be wisely chosen as this centerpiece of your living space brings out the true essence of your living room. 

Good family time is an integral aspect of changing lifestyles and increasing numbers of nuclear families.  Finding the right type of sofa to fit your family dynamic and needs will help create a perfect nestling place to gather, spend time together and create harmony in the room while complementing your room décor.  Choosing a fashionably comfortable sofa set design that goes well with the interiors as well as resonates with your personality can be a daunting task with numerous latest sofa designs featuring a wide variety of materials, styles designs, shapes, and colours out in the market. 

Here are some points to help you choose a great addition to your home and create a practical sitting space that suits your needs-

  • Consider the right size – When deciding on the size of a sofa set, you need to consider various aspects.  You need to think about your living room, how much space of your living room you want your sofa set to fill and other pieces of furniture that you will include there.  Also, you need to think about the sofa design will fit through any doorway openings and hallways in your home.  Small, sweet, and stylish 3-seater sofa– this kind of sofa set design will be a good option to have ample space for a family of 2/3 members.  It can be a focal point in your home’s interior style while creating a cozy place for your small family. 

Types of sofa sets-

  • Loveseat Sofa – If you are looking for a compact yet comfy option, a loveseat sofa set design can be the right option.  You can check a large variety of sofa set online featuring various arms and upholstery designs. 
  • Recliner Sofa sets – This trendy and elegant sofa set design is gaining popularity.  This can be a great addition to your living room by creating a tranquil spot to recline, lay back, relax, enjoy your favourite shows/movies, or even have a quick nap. 
  • L-Shape sofas – These are one of the latest sofa sets featuring a design that is comfy for a family of up to 4 members.  It can easily fit into a corner of your living area and easily create a comfy nestling place for your family.  The comfort, style, and convenience offered by such kind of sofa set design are the reason behind its popularity. 
  • Determine Sofa Orientation – This is another important factor while deciding the options.  You need to think about your family, their lifestyle, and what the family members do the most in your living room.  Evaluating your lifestyle will help you choose the right options for organizing your living space.  If you and your family like to relax in front of the TV, then you need to arrange your sofas accordingly.  If your family uses the living room to lounge, relax, and read, then you can create multiple sitting areas using chairs and cushions around your sofa set.  Also, you need to think about whether you are going to place your sofa in the center of a room or against a wall.  These will help you come up with the specific needs of your family and narrow down the options. 
  • Choose Upholstery Fabric/Leather Type and colour wisely – Surely, while choosing a sofa, aesthetics is a prime consideration.  However, functionality is also a key factor.  You need to check the needs of your family and choose a practical option.  Your selection of upholstery fabric will have a great impact on the room.  Leather sofas featuring cotton or linen fabric can be classic upholstery material choices worth investing in. if you want durable and easy to clean options, you can check synthetic fabrics like microfiber.  If your family has kids or pets, be selective with the upholstery fabric or leather type.  A performance fabric can be a good option than suede in such a case, as cleaning and upkeep can be easy comparatively.  Moreover, select a colour that works best for your space and family.  With a huge variety of bright to neutral palette options, deciding the right option can really be a daunting task.  Look for an option that goes well with your interior/other pieces of furniture as well as your family’s lifestyle.  You can even choose bold colours or unique printed options that can add a personal touch to your living space. 
  • Go for a style that compliments your home – When choosing a sofa set design, existing furniture in your living room is another important factor to consider.  The sofa set design should naturally fit with your existing furniture.  If you already have traditional furniture, look for options that will match its style.  You can go for a trendy sofa to nicely compliment your contemporary style décor.  If you like sleek and modern style, consider options featuring clean lines and dramatic colors.  Depending on your design, you can even mix and match styles to create an impressive look. 
  • Invest in a sturdy frame – The frame of the sofa set determines its life.  Check the frame of a sofa to make sure it’s solid and sturdy.  A sofa set design featuring a solid, sturdy, and strong frame is likely to last long.  Go for hardwood construction like kiln-dried oak, beech, or ash than particleboard options.
  • Quality and comfort – Though a sofa set will be a center of attraction for your living area, just don’t go by the looks of the sofas.  You need to think about the quality and comfort it will provide.  No one will like to sit on a wobbly and weak sofa.  Choose the right types of quality cushions that will be comfy and cozy. 

While finalizing a sofa set for your small family, be sure to consider your family’s lifestyle, requirements, and likes.  With an appealing, cozy, and comfy sofa set, your family time together can be great fun.